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Celebrate The Sourest Day!

BY: Christopher Mahar | Dec 11, 2018

Last week many celebrated October 21 as "The Sweetest Day", a day to eat sugar, do something nice for their significant other, and enjoy all things saccharine and cutesy. While it can be argued that this isn't a very necessary holiday—we already have Halloween for encouraging sugar consumption, and Valentine's Day for celebrating our relationships—it does work as a neat counterbalance to October 25, which is The Sourest Day. Sourest Day cat Sourness is habitually underrated in both taste and attitude, but many times it's just what is called for in life. While sweetness can quickly become cloying and unpleasant, a dose of sourness is bracing and often refreshing. Of course there's a limit to the amount of sourness one mouth can take, and it's always fascinating watching someone test that limit. Here are some of the sourest candies on the market to help you celebrate The Sourest Day, and videos of people who absolutely cannot handle them.

Cry Baby Tears

Cry Baby candy for The Sourest Day It's all in the name. These aren't as sour as the candy at the end of the list, but the danger is in their size. They're small enough to throw a bunch in your mouth all at once, so you don't realize your mistake until it's too late.


Warhead candy from Walmart The venerable sour candy of your youth still packs a punch, and their flavor line has expanded. These sour bombs are coated in a potent and visible layer of concentrated citric acid powder that gives the sensation of smoothing the taste buds off your tongue while causing your eyes to water.

Warheads Spray

Warhead Spray candy from Walmart Does the standard solid state of candy feel a little passé for you? Ever wonder what it would be like to spray bear mace directly into the back of your throat? Then this may be the sour treat for you! This is by all accounts a brutal assault on your mouth, but it somehow is still not the most sour thing on this list. That honor goes to...

Toxic Waste Candy

Toxic Waste Candy on Amazon This appealingly named candy is considered the gold standard of sour sweets. You know you're in for a unique experience when you get your candy in a fake toxic waste barrel that suggests challenging a friend to a contest for how long you can stand to keep the treat in your mouth. Extreme caution is advised.