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Chasing Davies

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018

chasing davies Major life changes can cause havoc to your closet and sense of style. Climate changes. Urban to rural and back. Aging. The biggest challenge happens when you become a mom. Megan Davey uses Chasing Davies to show that fashion-wise, moms CAN have it all.

chasing davies bow tie

Married with two kids, this Kansas City lady was featured last year by as a Real Glam Mom and there’s no doubting it! In fact, her blog blossomed when she featured her own day-to-day outfits.


Favorite feature on Chasing Davies? Fashion experiments! Becoming a mom of two didn’t destroy her lust for fashion and daring looks. She reinvented her look and continues to explore and discover new elements with abandon. Never rocked an oversized bow tie? Check out Neutrals with a bow tie. Stripes with Stripes? Camo and polka dots!  Even better is camo and chevron with a dash of baby! She makes achieving the look easy with links to many options for an item and frequent giveaways!

camo chevron baby

We love Megan Davey and her passion for fashion, family and friends shown throughout Chasing Davies. Now to figure out how to get invited to her daughter’s next beautiful birthday party!