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Cheap Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

BY: Carolyn Alterio | Dec 11, 2018

There's no shortage of things to do in the summer, but which activities can you do with your best canine friend? And cheaply? Plenty, as it turns out! From browsing the racks at Nordstrom to grabbing a bite al fresco, here are just a few ways to bond with your pup this summer. cheap things to do with dogs, pet-friendly activities, dog-friendly vacations

Take a hike or go for a swim.

Let's start with the obvious: dogs love to explore nature. Plan a summer road trip that includes a hike through a dog-friendly national park (here are a few to consider). If you want to stay closer to home, search for nearby forest preserves, dog-friendly beaches, and lakes to visit (but always check pet policies first).

Save on a boutique hotel.

Did you know that all Kimpton hotels are dog friendly with no size/weight restrictions or extra fees? While not exactly cheap, these boutique hotels regularly have special offers (like 20% off when you book in advance) to make staying in the lap of luxury a little more affordable. Take advantage of complementary amenities such as nightly wine receptions (where pups are welcome to schmooze), plush pet beds, and a curated list of pet-friendly establishments to visit during your stay.

Follow a food truck.

Want to grab a bite with your pup? Either search out pet-friendly patios and beer gardens or let the hum of a food-truck engine be your own Pavlovian bell. You can plan outings in advance by checking the food truck's Twitter feed, where they often list weekly locations and special menu items. And for the truly discerning pup, be on the lookout for dog-centric food trucks like Fido to Go in Chicago, which caters exclusively to canines and felines with ice cream and other treats.

Go shopping.

Have you ever walked your dog past an enticing store window and wished you could just pop in? It turns out that many stores allow it! Macy's, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, The Home Depot, and Bloomingdale's have all been known to welcome canines—just be sure to call ahead to the actual store to double-check. This mid-walk shopping not only allows you to multitask, it gives you and your pup a chance to cool down with some air conditioning.