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Pets Are Already a Handful … But What if They Had Thumbs?

We all love our pets—big or small, hairy or scaly, nice or feis(-ty)—they're ours, and it's hard to imagine life without them. But what if life with them was just a little … different? March 3 is National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, and that has the Groupon Coupons team partnering up with Chewy to dream up all kinds of "what if" scenarios.

Imagine one day we awaken to find that all pets have suddenly become a finger more capable. What would that world look like? And more importantly, what would our pets do?

Chewy Pet Supplies

Dogs Would Buckle In

We know. It would take an unrealistic amount of discipline for Fido to forgo hanging out the window or taking over the drivers seat when you dash into a store. But isn't it nice to imagine a peaceful ride-a-long with your canine? Come March 3, your pup could strap in safe and sound all on their own. For the record, Click It Or Ticket laws do not apply for pets. That's not to say you won't be cited for having a dog in your lap while driving.

Fish Would Clean Up

Chewy Pet Supplies

From purple gravel to rock caves, everything inside the aquarium would be arranged to perfection. And the filtration systems would be top-notch. And you'd never have to Google "Can my piranha survive an hour in a mop bucket?" again. But National If Pets Have Thumbs Day is just wishful thinking, so if you're looking to adopt a fish into the family, we recommend Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies and Saltwater For Dummies to learn the basics.

Turtles Would Make Salad

It would probably take longer than smoking a beef brisket, but having the option to self-serve has got to be a turtle's dream, right? (Assuming they can find a way up onto the counter to get started.) For now, keep the special rep in your life happy by adding this gourmet turtle salad dressing to any leafy greens you whip up.

Horses Would Wear Bug Spray

There is a reason everyone knows "Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me." Bugs are pesky. They won't ever just go away. Imagine how happy your steed would be to just pick up a fly-swatter and do the dirty work themselves. Unlike the holiday, this isn't just a pipe dream, this face mask from Chewy can provide the same respite from the swarms.

Fortunately, Chewy will still be here fulfilling pets' wildest dreams come March 4, long after our fantasies from National If Pets Had Thumbs Day have faded.