CNA Finance Helps You Save, Spend, And Invest

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

CNA Finance Helps You Save, Spend, And Invest Hey Groupon fans, have you heard of CNA Finance? If you're looking to learn about saving money, spending money, or investing for the future and you haven't been following them, you may want to start. CNA Finance originally started as a personal finance blog written by Joshua Rodriguez. However, over the past two and a half years, it has grown to become more of a news outlet. Recently, we had a chance to chat with Mr. Rodriguez. Here's how the interview went... Interview With Joshua Rodriguez From CNA Finance Question: Why did you start CNA Finance? Answer: Growing up, I had great parents, teachers, and mentors; so, as a young adult, I would say that in most cases, I had things pretty easy. As I started to earn and spend money, and later investing, I realized that when it came to money, I was completely oblivious. Here I was with a decent education, an awesome job, and all the advice from great people around me that I could use, but for some reason, I was having a problem balancing a check book. So, over the next several years, I made it my goal to really understand how money works. I worked at financial institutions, researched all the time, and finally got a good grip of how the all mighty dollar works. Now that I know how money works, I'm much more comfortable with making financial moves. So, I started CNA Finance in an effort to help others achieve that level of comfort. Question: Can you tell me a bit about how CNA Finance became what it is today? Answer: Wow, that's a tough one! We started out as a blog that I wrote personally about ways to save money and build and use credit. Over time, I started to bring on other writers from well known blogs and really learn more about the difference between a blog, a news outlet, a website, and more. Soon, we had tons of categories that ranged from investing to saving, starting a business, general financial education and more. From there, I'm not sure that I could even explain the evolution. As other experts started to write and I continued doing what I love everything just seemed to fall into place. Question: If you could give people only one finance tip, what would that tip be? Answer: I would suggest that people do their research before making any financial decision that costs more than or puts more than $20 at risk. Throughout the years, I've noticed that amazing things can happen with a $20 investment and, what may be considered small amounts in spending over time can really add up. So, from now on, if you're risking more than $20, think about the reward and do your research if you're not sure how the move will affect you in the long run. Question: What are your favorite ways to save money on day to day expenses? Answer: Groupon, of course! I use Groupon quite a bit when deciding where to go with my fiance. I like the coupon concept in general to be honest with you. Other things I like to do to save on daily expenses include...

  • Eating Fresh – It costs money to process, box, and store processed food. That cost boils down to the consumer! Plus, eating fresh tastes better and makes you feel better anyway!
  • Hiking – Everyone needs to have fun. Hiking is just about free; and it's a blast! I can't imagine how much money I'd end up spending elsewhere on fun if I didn't go hiking often!
  • Shopping Online – If I don't need it right now, but I do want it, chances are that I'm buying it online! The best deals seem to be on sites like Groupon, Amazon, Ebay, and more!