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It's Hot Out. Here's Where It's Cold.

BY: Christopher Mahar | Dec 11, 2018

We're in the middle of summer and it's downright uncomfortable for most of us in the United States. Hot, sticky, and humid, it's the sort of weather that has you quickly moving from one air-conditioned space to another. But no need to avoid the outdoors completely. Here's where to go to cool off. Summer is hot, here is where its cold


This is a bit of an obvious choice, but let's not get too precious about originality when we are melting. Groupon Coupons has an exclusive promo code for $40 off already cheap flights from, a well-kept secret of a site that can snag you great deals on domestic and international airfare. Alaska has an average temperature of 52.3°F in the summer, which sounds pretty good right about now.

San Francisco

If you want to stay in the continental United States, how does Frisco (don't use this nickname with actual Frisco natives) sound? The city is famous for a lot of things, but what we are concerned about here is the famously cool climate: San Fran (don't call it this either) has an average high of 67°F in July. Ok, another thing The Golden City (eh, probably fine to use) is known for is being pricey. Use this exclusive promo code to take 60% off PLUS an additional 5% off hotel bookings from Priceline. Feel the welcome caress of a long-sleeve shirt and jeans again when you visit Ol' Foggy (this one isn't even real) this summer!

Some Ice Caves

Looking for something closer to home? Conveniently there are ice caves in driving distance from the east coast, midwest, and western United States. These caves are formed so deep under the earth that they experience year-round natural air conditioning from underground glaciers, with some points reaching fairly chilly lows of -32°F. Sound like a little slice of heaven? Get there for less with a Groupon Coupon exclusive promo code for up to $75 off car rentals from Budget.

An Ice Bar

New York City, Las Vegas, and Orlando are three of the most punishing places to be in a hot summer. To beat the sweltering heat, denizens of these cities should (if they are of legal drinking age) check out minus5° Ice Experience. minus5° (So cool it doesn't even capitalize its own name) is a bar that is entirely made of ice. The walls, stools, your glass, even the chandeliers are ice. You're given a parka and gloves at the door and then left to sip cocktails and explore all the different ice sculptures and themed ice rooms. That ice luge you tried at that one frat party pales in comparison to this experience.


Why tiptoe around the main idea here? If the idea is to cool off, why not just freeze your whole body like Han Solo? During a cryotherapy session, guests spend two to three minutes inside a chamber cooled to -200°F to -300°F. Your surface area cools dramatically, but you're never in any danger as the short duration means that core body temperature is never affected. In addition to being the ultimate chill out, these deep freezes can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and increase mobility. Groupon is always running deals for these procedures, so check to see if there's one near you!