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Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for New Couples

So it’s your first Valentine’s Day as a new couple, or maybe you’re not quite a couple yet, but you want to be. Picking a Valentine’s Day gift in that situation can be a little tricky—you want to show that you care, but not too much. So we did the hard work for you, we found cute Valentine’s Day gifts to show that special guy or girl just how much you like them.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


This faux-fur blanket is uber soft and looks way more expensive than it is. Plus it’s perfect for cozying up under on a cold winter’s night and watching Netflix … or not.


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Pink Rose & Lilly Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It seems obvious, but flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift for a reason. A bouquet will make the receiver feel special, and who wouldn’t want that?


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$76.99 | Shop Now

A Funky Poster

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


There is literally something for everyone here. Is your Valentine a graphic designer? Easy: Typography poster. Do they love cheese? Yeah, there’s something for them, too.


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$24–$40 | Shop Now

Framed Picture Of You

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


The photo can be just a silly selfie or a reminder of a cool show you went to together. Just make sure your significant other looks great in it. Bonus points for picking a frame that blends in seamlessly in their place. (Hint: metallics are the new neutral.)


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$65 | Shop Now

Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

You can choose the type of spirit to infuse, so if your new love isn’t a whisky drinker this gift still works. Plus this DIY kit takes 6–48 hours, meaning you see this relationship going places. Your next date is already set up!


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$35 | Shop Now

Custom Bracelet

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Hear us out! Jewelry sounds serious, but it doesn't have to be. Think fashion jewelry from a brand like BaubleBar. A trendy set of stackable rings or beaded bracelets with custom text are nice, and not too much. 


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$40 | Shop Now

Binge-Worthy Book Series

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


They're small and inexpensive, but still thoughtful—perfect for this early in a relationship. Plus the possibilities are endless. The book series that Netflix's Bridgerton is based on is selling like crazy, but you should choose a title based on something you know about the person: maybe a memoir from their favorite band. Be sure to steer clear of the self-help section though.


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