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Deal Alert: Yoga Jeans from Athleta

BY: jolene | Dec 11, 2018

Athleta Sculptek Yoga Pant Jeans On a list of the greatest human advancements of all time, things like the moveable-type printing press or refrigeration are likely to top the list. But we'd like to offer an alternative: the yoga pant Athleta jeans. We're not talking about jeggings or leggings designed to look like jeans, but true 100% denim with all the bells and whistles—zipper fly, buttons, and real pockets. Designed to be both immensely comfortable and worn in public, these yoga pant jeans are the literal definition of perfection. And because of that, they never really go on sale. (Insert sad face emoji.)

But there are still a few ways to score a discount after putting them in your cart online. Get Athleta coupons like 20% off when new customers sign up for email, or returning shoppers can refer a friend and get 20% off that way. Then they can both go out and hit the gym or a lunch buffet in stylish comfort.