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Deal Alert: 20% Off Everything at Walgreens

BY: jolene | Dec 11, 2018

Walgreens 20% off sitewide sale promo code

Remember how you needed to pick up toilet paper, deodorant, or [insert random household item here] today? Of course you didn't. It would have been too convenient to stop when you were out running errands or on your way home from work. But now that you're home and busy doing something else, you remember: you still need paper towels or dog food. Stop making mental shopping lists—we all know they don't really work—and just order your household staples from Walgreens. That way you don't have to remember to pick them up next time you're out, and you won't have to use your husband's deodorant for the next week. If that doesn't convince you, maybe this promo code for an extra 20% off all regular-priced items will.