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Deal Alert: 35% Off at BH Cosmetics

BY: jolene | Dec 11, 2018

BH Cosmetics Presidents Day makeup sale

  Hands down, the most glamorous holiday of the year has got to be Presidents' Day. You know, because everybody wants to look good for Abraham Lincoln's birthday party. You have to buy a new outfit, make sure your makeup is on point, and then the gifts! Don't even get me started on the gifts. It all combines to make Presidents' Day one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. Ok, so only approximately one thing I've said so far is true—Presidents' Day really is a big shopping day! Big-ticket items such as mattressesTVs, and appliances are all traditionally on sale right now. But those products don't really fit in with the glam theme of this years' Presidents' Day, so BH Cosmetics swooped in with a 35% off Presidents' Day Sale. But you have to shop now because this makeup sale is over at midnight, when George Washington's mom expects him home on school nights.