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Fashion Week Goes To The Dogs

BY: Christopher Mahar | Dec 11, 2018

The pageantry and spectacle of London Fashion Week just wrapped up last night, and the standout show that had our office buzzing was the Autumn/Winter Collection from Sniffie. Full of bold cuts and colors for dogs, Sniffie's line was an eye-opening look at canine high fashion that is sure to influence what you see in the best parks and dog runs this fall. Ashamed that Fluffy is still wearing last year's fashion (which is actually seven years in dog fashion) but working with a budget more suitable for prêt-à-porter than haute couture? We're here to help you get the look for less with assists from Petco and PetSmart. Fashionable dog clothing The look: Simple, sophisticated, and luxurious, this Fun Fur Scarf (Sniffie, $107) accented with an oversized rhinestone gives Bella an understated elegance without leaving her underdressed. Fashionable dog clothes for the fall The look for less: Let's face it: fur—even fake fur—is a controversial fashion accessory. Skip the uncomfortable looks from squirrels and get cozy with this Pup Crew Red and Navy Stripe Pom Scarf (Petco, $4.99). It's accented with an adorable oversized pom pom. Fashionable dog clothes The look: This flatteringly cut Bomber Jacket (Sniffie, not available for retail) meshes silky material and floral designs with a sporty feel. Catwalk? More like dog run! Fashionable dog clothing for fall The look for less: Get the same shimmery look and nature motifs while communicating your pooch's affinity for ball sports with this St. Louis Cardinals MLB Dugout Jacket (PetSmart, $34.99). Fashionable dog clothes for fall The look: Is your good boy actually a bad boy? This Denim Jacket with Badges (Sniffie, $215-$242) gives Fido a more fashionable way to explore his countercultural side than by ripping up your latest issue of The New Yorker. Choose with or without crystals. Jean jacket vest and mullet dog costume The look for less: London calling? Hi London, you've reached the U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! This Bootique Denim Vest and Mullet Dog Costume (Petco, $14.99-$18.69) jettisons some of the fine tailoring but makes up for it with in-your-face panache. With or without the mullet, this works as a Halloween costume or an everyday outfit. Camouflage dinner jacket dog clothing The look: This year, fashion is all about the interplay of formal and informal elements. This Camouflage Dinner Top (Sniffie, $148) successfully joins the two by pairing the winged collar, buttons, and silhouette of a black tie shirt with a cheeky camo pattern and jersey knit material. Duke here is at home at the country club and the dance club. Fashionable dog bandana The look for less: Irreverent, or fashion-forward? This You & Me Dog Tuxedo Bandana (Petco, $8.49) never tips its hand either way. Wear this to a wedding and he's a handsome boy, wear it to the park and he's just one of the boys—you can't go wrong!