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The Dos and Don'ts of Hosting a Baby Shower

BY: jolene | Dec 11, 2018

Hosting baby showerAccording to the CDC, the most common birth months in the United States are July, August, and September. Which means it’s highly like you will be attending or even hosting a baby shower very soon. So we here at Groupon Coupons put together a list of dos and don’ts to help you plan for that baby shower.

The Dos

Do: Include Both Sexes

Girls night out is fun, but not if it’s the standard quo. Making a baby shower more inclusive of the dad-to-be, uncles, grandfathers, and friends will only make them more fun. It will also make the baby shower feel more like a traditional party, which I think is always the goal. Cocktails at a baby shower

Do: Serve Cocktails

What party isn’t a little more fun once everyone has had a drink or two? Baby showers are meant to be fun and intimate, but they can also be a bit awkward. The guest list often includes disparates groups of friends and family that don’t know each other very well. A cocktail often helps (me) get over any social anxiety and talk to someone I don’t know.

Do: Include an Activity, But Only One

This is often the most dreaded part of a baby shower. The games are pretty cliche or they’re only fun if you know the person really, really well. But they don’t have to be that way. Here are a few actually fun baby shower games or activities:
  • A relay race to see who can chug from a baby bottle the fastest (alcoholic or not, this is still fun)
  • Decorating onesies—have supplies like stencils, scissors, markets, and fabric glue on hand
  • Write silly little notes on diapers for the exhausted parents to find during late-night diaper changes

The Don’ts

Don’t: Go Overboard on the Pinterest Extras

Baby shower decorations are all over Pinterest, but Pinterest fails are a thing for a reason. The most important part of a baby shower is making the mom-to-be and new baby feel surrounded by love and support, not how great it looks in a picture. Make sure you have enough to eat and drink for everybody and you’re all good. No one will be mad there isn’t a baby stroller-shaped watermelon or diaper cake. If those things are important to you, think about buying them already assembled from a party supply store. You won’t be disappointed that you have less to do.

Don’t: Play Games That Poke Fun at the Mom-To-Be’s Baby Bump

I learned this one the hard way. When my best friend was expecting her first, we played the string game where everyone eyeballs how much string it will take to go all the way around the baby bump. We all really played up her new stomach and grossly over-exaggerated the length. She laughed and played along, but later told me privately that she was struggling with the weight she had gained during pregnancy. I didn’t realize the game was essentially joking about how “fat” she was, but now I know. Don't make my mistakes, friends.

Don’t: Ask Everyone to Address an Envelope for the Thank Yous

I’ve seen this at a few showers, and my first thought was “ingenious.” But when I was hosting a baby shower with my mom, I mentioned it to her and she shut that idea down FAST. Like, really fast. And once she explained her reasoning, I had to admit that she was right. The idea is nice: you’re helping the mom-to-be with her thank-you notes. But asking guests who you invited, who often have traveled, and who bought a gift for this new mom and baby to write part of their own thank-you note is the exact opposite of what a thank-you note is supposed to be. My way around it: I ended up buying the mom-to-be a stack of personalized thank-you cards (shop for them at a store like Shutterfly), stamps, and addressing them all myself. That way I had done something nice for her, but also didn’t ask the guests to do any extra work. For baby shower hosting necessities such as invitations, check out stores such as Vistaprint. For gift ideas, check out the Baby, Kids & Toys page on Groupon Goods.