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The Dos & Don'ts of Valentine’s Day Gifts

Jan 17, 2019

Valentine’s Day is coming—for better or worse—so Groupon Coupons is here to give you an inside look into what people really think is (and isn't) the best Valentine's Day gift! We polled some incredibly honest love-lovers to ask what they really think it takes to make Valentine’s Day a success. (We used Initials to protect our informants' reputations with their loved ones.)

Do: Make It Personal

When asked about what makes the worst Valentine’s Day gift, K answered “probably a gift card because it's just sad,“ and we agree! Save the gift card for your cousin Jimmy's Christmas gift. Valentine’s Day is all about romance and making that special someone feel, well, special. For instance, K prefers “tickets to [a concert or show] to see together!”

Sometimes, the most important thing is knowing what makes your partner’s tick. B recounts that her favorite gift was a DVD of her favorite bad movie, "It [made] me feel like that person really knows me well.” A little thoughtful recognition goes a long way. Similarly, the best Valentine’s Day gift A received was “a dozen of my favorite all-time roses (which was great not just because flowers are great, but that my favorite was a KNOWN THING)."

While everyone has different preferences, one thing we noticed is that everybody wants to feel like their Valentine made the effort. Take note of your date’s hobbies, style, and interests so you can incorporate them into your plans!

Don't: Spend a Lot if You Don't Want To

Valentine’s Day gifts are lovely, but often it’s more about what you do than what you buy! According to A, her ideal date would be “a sweet adventure … maybe camping or a road cruise to somewhere with trees and open sky.” Aww isn’t that romantic?

Of course, not everyone is outdoorsy. Some people like R are content just staying in. She says “an ideal Valentine’s Day … would be doing something appropriate for our relation-ship that caters to us as a couple.  If we have a really chill relationship, it’s sitting at home all day with take-out and movies.”

Do (& Don’t): Surprises Are Good (Just Not In Public)

To surprise, or not to surprise, that is the question. Overwhelmingly all those surveyed enjoy surprises—as long as they are private and tasteful! R describes, “I love surprises because I’m really hard to surprise. If you genuinely catch me off-guard, I admire that.” But she clarifies, “call me atypical, but I really don’t care for the classic jewelry, chocolate, [or] flowers. They’re really overdone and cliche.” As always, know your date and read the room!

Do: Just Ask!

According to B, describing the best Valentine’s Day gift she ever received: “One year … [he] let me pick whatever I wanted to do for Valentine's Day evening. So we watched the first half of a bunch of romantic movies I like (Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, etc.) so it was just all the happy fun parts. As soon as the plot line got a little dicey, we just moved to the next one and I was super into it.”

There you have it! It’s easy to get caught up in stressing about the right Valentine’s Day outfit, where to go on a date, or what to buy for a gift, but, as obvious as it may seem, ultimately what matters the most is that you consider who you’re dating and what they enjoy. You’re gonna do great!