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Easy Hairstyles To Keep You Cool This Summer

BY: Carolyn Alterio | Dec 11, 2018

Humidity and sweltering temps can cause real havoc on your hair (just ask Monica from Friends), making even the simplest of hairstyles a pain to deal with—and more extravagant updos near impossible. But rather than letting frizz ruin your summer, opt for a hairstyle that tames your tresses while still elevating your look.

1. The Ponytail

A simple ponytail is a versatile option: not only does it control your hair during workouts, it can also be dressed up for weddings and special occasions with just a few choice accessories. Try styling it sleek and straight, with a strand wrapped around the hairband and secured with a bobby pin for a polished look.
sleek summer ponytailPhoto credit: Mainstream
Want more volume? Follow this tutorial to create a ponytail that's anything but sporty.

2. The Pull-Through Braid

Not all braids are summer friendly; they can loosen or fall apart during the day, leaving you with a curly, frizzy mess. But the pull-through braid is secured throughout, which helps it to stay put for hours. Follow this tutorial to create this easy braid, or check out more options on the Groupon Guide.  pull-through braid for summer
Photo credit: Wicker Paradise

3. The Messy Bun

The best part about the messy bun is that there's no way to mess it up. Loose strands that fall around your face will only soften this look and add to its charm. It's the perfect option for keeping your hair up and off your shoulders on a hot day. messy bun for summer Have a favorite hairstyle for a hot summer day? Let us know in the comments!