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Engage, Educate And Empower Yourself With BudgetWise Financial

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018

budgetwiseMeet Samirian Hill, the founder of BudgetWise Financial Solution; dedicated to improving America’s financial IQ. Through her years of experience as a trusted financial educator and inspirational speaker, she discovered her passion for educating people and communities otherwise overwhelmed by money management. inspiring youth and women to live lives of freedom and purpose through philanthropic activities.

BudgetWise Financial Solutions helps you better understand and feel at ease about handling your finances, and teaching future generations about them through “engaging, educational, and empowering” mediums of financial learning. The website offers workshops, seminars, online virtual learning programs, and individual consultations from Hill based on her 15 years experience in the financial industry.

Services like “The Financial Discovery Process,” help establish a plan for your finances that maximizes your budget, providing ongoing non-judgmental guidance and encouragement in your financial endeavors. There’s even a section dedicated to women only as well as a “Money Wisdom Book Club.” Who doesn’t enjoy a great book club? Learn the old fashioned way by reading a book, and discussing it with your financial peers every first Tuesday of the month with a review conference call!

This innovative site is simple to understand for even the least experienced financial handler, and you’ll feel in control of your finances in no time. Hill has helped a myriad of clients from new investors to clients with multi-million dollar profiles, and she is excited to help you. Make the next step in empowering yourself and discover your financial freedom today with BudgetWise Financial Solutions!