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5 Tips for a Better Baby Registry

BY: David Lister | Dec 11, 2018

Having babies is hard enough; the baby registry should be the easy part. These tips can help get expecting parents started (and guide gift-givers to discounts).  

Get Perks From Your Registry

Most retailers offer perks for creating (and completing) baby registries with them. Amazon and Target both offer completion discounts and incentives such as free returns, and their large stocks ensure you can get most of what you need. Likewise, baby specialists buybuy Baby and Baby Earth offer similar deals; whichever you choose, it’s best to have two registries at most so you don’t get duplicate items.

Decide on Your Diaper Strategy

You can’t have too many diapers, but should limit any registry gifts to infant diapers unless you have an abundance of storage space. Companies such as Huggies often offer coupons on diapers and wipes, so it’s worthwhile to check stores such as BabiesRUs for offers prior to paying full price. Cloth diapers can be a long-term, space-saving solution for some families. They do mean you’ll be doing laundry daily and most brands don’t respond well to typical detergents that include additives (brands such as Charlie’s Soap are recommended). However, cloth diapers can be adjusted as your child grows—and in the end, they're much cheaper than their disposable counterparts.

Go Easy on Clothes

It’s often best to go light on clothes on the registry. Growth spurts can mean clothes are only wearable for a very short time, and there’s a good chance parents want to do their own clothes shopping when the child is older. But once the baby is out of swaddles, you will want a supply of footy pajamas. It will be a while before they can sleep with a blanket, so these are essential to keep them warm through the night (and asleep as long as possible).

Cover Your Bases

Remember the essentials when you register, and you'll find yourself making fewer last-minute dashes to the store later. Baby carriers are something you’ll need almost immediately, and there are a wealth of options. Wraps are typically less expensive but there’s a learning curve, while over-the-shoulder carriers are easier to use and in general worth the extra money. Aforementioned swaddles are useful from day one, and those that use Velcro are infinitely less frustrating. Nursing supplies such as bottles, burp cloths, and pumps are also needed as soon as the baby comes. It can also be very useful to ask for gift cards. Things can be hard to predict, and no matter how thorough your registry is, you’ll certainly have plenty of shopping left to do.

Treat Yourself

Finally, the registry doesn’t have to only be for the child. Parents should have something lined up for all the downtime you’ll have when you’re actively not sleeping, whether that’s a cable-alternative such as Sling TV or something that won’t wake the baby, like a NOOK e-reader or tablet. Despite the downtime you won’t always have free hands – or energy. Because of that cleaning services from sanity-saving companies like Angie’s List (check out a promo code to save on membership here) can, well, save your sanity. Check out our coupons for new parents for even more ways to save.