What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

BY: Christopher Mahar |Jan 30, 2020


One of the many reasons people enjoy Halloween is that it is a holiday that encourages masks and disguises. For one night, you may hide your identity and take on the persona of another, free to project whatever hidden self you wish. This is the fantasy, anyway. But what if we here at Groupon Coupons told you that there is an aspect of Halloween that actually defines your true self better than any Myers-Briggs or Voight-Kampff test ever could? Call it the Haribo-Mars test. That's right, your candy preference is a window into your very soul. Here is what you are broadcasting to the world with every fateful trip to the plastic jack-o'-lantern bucket.

Whoppers for Halloween say something interesting about your personality


Hail fellow well met, time traveller! You have blended so well into this current time period, but your confectionary choice has exposed you for the chronic argonaut you are. Welcome to the future, where you no longer need to eat chocolate-covered balls of chalk for a fix of sugar. We have much to teach each other!

Twix as your Halloween candy of choice says some interesting things about you


Interesting choice. Tricky. If this was a normal day and you picked up a regular package of Twix at the supermarket checkout stand, you would be proclaiming your interest in cosmic balance. Left and right. Yin and yang. Cookie topped by caramel and encased in chocolate. But this isn't a normal day, is it? Today is Halloween, and that is a Twix mini, which means it's a single small bar, forcefully removed from its twin. You are a monster.

Snickers as your favorite Halloween candy says this about you Snickers

Cautious, calculating, value-oriented. A Snickers bar has it all–chocolate, peanuts, caramel, the mysterious nougat–and so it seems like a smart and uncontroversial choice. Too smart. Too uncontroversial. You're hiding something.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces as a Halloween favorite says this about you

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Stuffed with Reese's Pieces

It is vitally important to you that everyone understand you don't have a peanut allergy.

If Nerds are your favorite Halloween candy, this is what it says about you


"Boy, I sure hope there're Nerds in that bowl" rants the wild-eyed lunatic as a room full of people back slowly out the door.

Are Starburst your favorite Halloween candy? Then you need to know this...  Starburst

Long walks on the beach, an afternoon rain when you are safe at home with a mug of tea, puppies and kittens and babies. There are many things that you love, but none more than that feeling when you are rooting around in the bottom of your purse for your keys and are surprised by a small treat there five months after Halloween.

If you're favorite Halloween candy is Sour Patch Kids, you HAVE to read this!

Sour Patch Kids

"Yes!" you say. "Finally, you've gotten to me!" If there is one commonly understood fact about the study of personality type divination based on Halloween candy choice, it is that those who love Sour Patch Kids are extremely vocal about it and believe that it is the key to understanding everything about them. Unfortunately, if there is a second commonly understood fact in this field, it is that there really isn't anything to learn from this one. Some people just like Sour Patch Kids I guess.

Do you love candy corn? If candy corn is your favorite candy, read this now

Candy Corn

Sorry, more information is needed as the sample size is currently too small to draw conclusions.

If Kit Kats are your favorite Halloween candy, read this Kit Kat Dark

Suave, handsome, impeccably groomed and devastatingly intelligent, the scientific consensus is that those who choose Kit Kat Dark simply are on another level. 

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