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Finish Line Back-To-School Fashion: It Came From The 90's!

BY: apurcell | Dec 11, 2018

Lets face it: the back-to-school season can be a drag. For younger students, the first day of school is an ominous reminder that you’re expected to be somewhere every day for the rest of the school year, and–TWIST!–the rest of your life. For parents and older students, the bummer is the lists of school-mandated items to stock up on. That’s why you need to flip the script on this negative season and get some enjoyment by focusing on the one thing you have control over: your style. Don’t think you have any? Check out Finish Line’s retro gear to steal some style straight from the 90's, which, to my disbelief, has made the illest of comebacks. And for the budget conscious, shop their back-to-school deals for up to 50% off what you need. Keep reading for our top picks! Finish Line Back-To-School Looks From Groupon Coupons

1) The Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat From Finish Line, found on Groupon Coupons Be an around the way girl (or boy) with this new spin on the throwback LL Cool J fit. When our SEO guy, who’s very cool, saw these on my monitor, he gasped and excitedly declared that bucket hats were his “jam back in the day.” Go understated or bold.

2) Waist Pack

Fanny Packs from Finish Line, found on Groupon Coupons These cult classic 90s’ non-purses, historically dubbed the “fanny pack,” have a completely bad wrap, tbh. A far cry from the neon nylon eye-blinders they once were, these convenient, hands free, and surprisingly stylish “waist packs” are being redefined by the likes of Champion and other brands. Keep your small school supplies and must haves close by, even if that means around your chest like it does for the men in these photos.

3) Converse Hi Tops

All Stars from Finish Line for Back-to-School shopping, found on Groupon Coupons These have not once gone out of style. Shop now for women’s and men’s styles for all ages and be the classic cool kid on the block.

4) Michael Jordan Hat

Michael Jordan Hat, found on Groupon Coupons

I’m a Pacers fan myself, but here in Chicago, I hear pretty decent arguments that Michael Jordan was the best of all time. Celebrate the 90s’ best basketball player (he has enough credit, right?) with this throwback snapback.

5) The Complete Sporty Look

Not exactly taking you from day to night, but sporty, clean, and fresh is this statement look when you wear it all together.

Champion Mesh basketball shorts

Mesh Basketball Shorts found on Groupon Coupons

Unisex Champion slides

Slides from Champion on Groupon Coupons

Tube socks

Champion Tube Socks found on Groupon Coupons

6) Accessories & Other Gear

Rastaclat bracelet

Rastaclat Bracelet found on Groupon Coupons Want/need to optimize your waist pack space? Hoard what could be modern-day friendship bracelets with this unique statement jewelry.

Head Tie

Finish Line Head Tie, found on Groupon Coupons Why do the possibilities feel endless when you put one of these around your head?

Shoe Cleaner Kit

Shoe Cleaning Kit, found on Groupon Coupons Take care of your new kicks all year with this cleaner that can be used on all materials and carried everywhere.

7) Backpacks

Backpacks on sale at Finish Line, found on Groupon Coupons OK, so maybe the waist packs aren’t for you, but you still need a new bag for school. Check out Finish Line’s 25% off SALE on select Nike and adidas backpacks. We like the classic, Army-influenced, and nostalgic styles best. Check Finish Line for all the back-to-school sales and apparel options we didn't get right the first time around!
This post has been sponsored by Finish Line, but the opinions are my own.