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Five Free Things to Celebrate Bastille Day

BY: Scott | Dec 11, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.49.20 AM Did you know that in France Bastille Day is called “la fête nationale,” which means “the national celebration”? That’s because it’s a huge deal. A long time ago, the French really wanted a free thing, just like you want free things right now. The thing they wanted was a country, so the stakes were a little higher. But, in spirit, it’s pretty similar to your situation. The French had an obstacle, though: a king. Much like paying for stuff stands in your way of getting it for free, the French monarchy consistently dashed the hopes of our 18th-century protagonists. Then, one day, a bunch of protestors took over a big royal fort called The Bastille for protection against the king’s anti-protest squads. In our very accurate and not-at-all-worn-too-thin analogy, this is like you storming onto the Groupon Coupons website and finding safety from the tyranny of rising prices. Such a prominent symbol of the monarchy falling was seen as the turning point in the French Revolution—and for freebie-seekers everywhere. So, celebrate the anniversary of sweet liberation by getting as much free stuff as possible. Here ya go: 1. Saks Fifth Avenue offers a rotating selection of seasonal free gifts with your purchase 2. Omaha Steaks is giving away free sliders with select gourmet burger packages 3. You can get a free gift from Calvin Klein with a men's watch or jewelry purchase 4. ULTA has a free-gift offer with a variety of purchases 5. And last but certainly not least, Target is giving away $30 gift cards when you buy $100 of baby essentials