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Easy Forever 21 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again

BY: jolene | Jan 30, 2020

Forever 21 Halloween Costumes

There are two types of people in this world: Halloween people and everybody else. We all know Halloween people. They have been planning their costume for months, watch scary movies on repeat come October, and will spare no expense when it comes to costumes and spooky decor. The rest of us are stuck trying to throw together a budget Halloween costume at the last minute, likely with items we already own. That’s why Groupon Coupons teamed up with Forever 21 to put together Halloween costumes that you can wear (mostly) again come Nov. 1 and beyond.


Real-Life Costume Inspiration

It's easy to re-create the looks of some of this year's biggest pop stars with just a few pieces from Forever 21. A costume from Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" video is sure to be a crowd-pleaser—although not warm if you live in a colder climate. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

JoJo SiwaJoJo Siwa Halloween Costume

Characters Come to Life

There are some movie characters that are just timeless and fashionable to boot. You can never go wrong with a Goth-inspired Wednesday Addams costume or a comfortable pair of overalls and striped shirt a la Chucky.


Forever21 Halloween Costumes

1. Leopard print maxi dress ($27.99); 2. Lace cat ear headband ($5.99);  3. Faux leather ankle boots ($34.99); 4. Cheetah one-piece ($29.90) 

Wednesday Addams

Forever21 Halloween costumes

1. Pleated mini shirt dress ($29.99); 2. Classic opaque tights ($5.99); 3. Faux suede pumps ($24.90)

Clever Costumes

Fan-favorite Halloween costumes tend to be really elaborate or really clever. We thought of a few ideas that aren't based on people or characters, but are sure to get you a few votes in the Best Costume contest. 

Dancing Twin Emoji

Forever21 Halloween Costumes

1. Lace cat ear headband ($5.99); 2. Seamed v-wire bodysuit ($14); 3. Twisted faux suede flats ($15)

Reading Rainbow

Forever21 Halloween Costumes

1. Striped sequin mini cami dress ($29.90); 2. Metallic block heels ($28)

Rhinestone Cowboy

Forever21 Halloween Costumes

1. Fringe trim denim jacket ($32.99); 2. Studded buckle stiletto booties ($45); 3. Faux pearl buckle hip belt ($12.99)

This post was sponsored by Forever 21. Check out their new collaboration with DC Comics.

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