Four Things That Should Be on Your Deck This 4th of July

BY: Scott |Dec 11, 2018

The 4th of July is almost here! So let's cut to the chase! Here are four things you should be integrating into your outdoor party space to make your Independence Day party a master class in effortless patriotic chic. Be safe out there!

1.) Adirondack Chairs

Dock on Gunflint Lake - Gunflint Lodge, Minnesota A typical Adirondack chair features an angled seat, wide armrests, and a sloped back. If you think that sounds like the perfect place to lounge, you’re not alone. According to, Adirondack chairs are “suitable for lounging for a few hours at a time.” If you’re reading this, you’re likely not working on the 4th, which opens up hours for lounging.

2.) Sun Umbrella

Pictured: 10" Cantilever Umbrella from Macy's
A sun umbrella shading some chairs and a small table is the go-to strategy at resorts everywhere, and replicating this setup will add a helping of lounge legitimacy to your 4th of July party. Umbrellas not only carve out specific gathering spots with their own little charming identity, but your scorched guests will be grateful for the respite.

3.) Sun Station

And for the poor souls unwilling or unable to get beneath your new sunbrella, organize a considerate collection of things that fight the sun. A bottle of sunblock, a pitcher of ice water with some glasses, and an assortment of fresh hand towels will do the trick. It’ll also tell everyone at the party that you care about their general well-being, and a group of people convinced of that is far more valuable than any impression outdoor furniture can make.

4.) Jar Lanterns

jar Many 4th of July parties continue on after the sun sets. And as Paul Revere figured out: a solid lighting solution is key. A set of jar lanterns will surely keep the photons and drinks flowing. What is a jar lantern? It is first a jar. Then, upon placing a light source inside of it, it is a lantern. Any kind of jar works—mason jars work particularly well—just add a candle or a string of battery-operated fairy lights to complete it. Place them strategically around your space and prepare to receive a bunch of compliments about your tasteful, laid-back party space.