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Frugal Portland

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018


For someone who is constantly trying to figure out different ways to save (who isn’t?), we love FrugalPortland. Kathleen Celmins, blogger and creator of the site, provides great money management advice that’s just as helpful for someone who is just getting out there into the real world, or even the folks who are old-hat at financing. postland1Right off the bat, you can find 30 tips to make 2015 a fruitful year, including steps to max out your IRA, helpful ideas to get out of credit card debt, understanding your taxes, and is even thorough enough to bring up an emergency fund! Seriously, some of these tips are lifesavers. Celmins really covered all of her bases here. Sometimes, mastering your finances is a simple as setting spending limits and personal goals, but the rest of us need those extra 28 tips!

For those of you looking to get away for Spring Break, or just for a long weekend, (which is honestly probably most of you after such a rough winter) FrugalPortland also offers a lot of travel tips to help maximize your savings, like this post about getting free hotel upgrades 100% of the time, or this anecdote about spending a fun (and cheap!) weekend at an amusement park in Oakland.

But FrugalPortland doesn’t just offer tips and how-tos. You can also find a lot of really fun posts, too. Like Frugal Fun DIY Decor, shopping tips, and sneaky frugal tricks. As if all that weren’t enough, you can also find recommendations for other blog sites and money management tools.

In case you could possibly have any doubts at this point about the awesomeness that is FrugalPortland, this lovely website has been featured on a lot of other websites you’ve probably heard of, like Mint, Yahoo Finance, Kiplinger, babble, and others.

FrugalPortland’s M.O. is “Save Half, Spend Consciously, Take Control,” and that’s exactly what you can do with all the tips and helpful posts found on the website. Browse through the archives, check out what interests you, and start saving!!!!!