Fun Valentine’s Memes to Plan Your Galentine's Day

Jan 19, 2019

People used to think that when it came to Valentine's Day, single women's feelings went something like this:

But then along came a show and a holiday that changed everything! Instead of staying home and watching The Office for the 300th time (WHAT DOES THE NOTE SAY, JIM?), we can instead celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Thank you so much for asking! The inimitable Leslie Knope, of Parks and Recreation fame, invented the holiday to show her favorite ladies just how much she cared. (If you haven’t seen Parks and Rec, Hulu is about to become your best friend.)

And what started out as a fake TV holiday has now become a fully fledged part of Valentine's Day. There's no right or wrong way to mark the occasion, but we have 3 suggestions for any successful celebration:

1.) Don't Forget the Wine 

You don’t have to drink to celebrate Galentine’s Day, but it’s highly recommended because wine makes every party better.

2.) Self-Care: It's Not Selfish 

Some of the best parties we’ve ever been to include makeup, masks, and flowers. So pamper yourself into a Zen-like state so you can enjoy hanging with your friends on this very important holiday.

3.) Treats! 

Wondering whether to bring chocolates, M&M’s, or cupcakes to your Galentine's Day celebration? Please remember the whole point of the party is to Treat Yo Self!

Want to know what to wear to your Galentine's Day fete? That's another great thing about the holiday, you can wear whatever you want! Get dressed up: dresses, suits, heels, or whatever your definition of getting dressed up is, take the world by storm with your friends. Or get dressed down! If you'd rather wear yoga pants and sweats, then the answer is yes.

However you celebrate, here’s to only the best! Happy Galentine’s Day!