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BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018

geniabeme We absolutely adore all that is the GENIABEME Beauty Blog! From makeup to healthy meals, skincare and tutorials, there is something for everyone in this informative beauty blog. Geniabeme has awesome product reviews, restaurant reviews with deals on dining out, and so much more! Check out Geniabeme for all the latest beauty trends and healthy lifestyle advice.


Eyes, face, lips and nails, this section focuses on all things makeup. Check out new products, read honest reviews, and get tutorials on how to apply makeup. In the ever changing world of beauty, this section is super informative and helpful to everyone, including newbies and makeup gurus.


Forget the Fountain of Youth, this section can help keep you looking youthful with little effort. Tips, tricks and skin guardian advice, are all loaded in the Skincare section of Geniabeme. Masks, daily lotions, night regiments and more can help you keep your baby face.


Wanna know how to get a NYC Salon Blow Out? Fancy knowing where the best salons are? Need to know what product can help tame your frizz? Check out the Hair section of Geniabeme.


Sorbet, natural sodas, carb free gumbo, and breakfast ramen are just a few of the recipes feature in Geniabeme’s Food Section. Of course, if you don’t want to cook it yourself, check out the plethora of amazing restaurant reviews here. Or check out the healthy advice posts for meal plans, and more!


This section offers how to videos and tutorials on eye makeup, couture nail designs, fashion mods for a better wardrobe , and so much more! You can literally learn the latest manicures and how to pimp your bikini.