How To Get Cheaper Pizza

BY: cat |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Heather Stadler.

You could save on pizza the hard way: hand-tossing your own pies, demanding tribute from the delivery guys who come down your block. On the other hand, we at Groupon Coupons tend to watch our inboxes for magical deals to share with you all. But not all offers are created equal. We created this guide to help you save on that time-honored slice of Americana... Pizza Night.

Sign up for email clubs

We know sometimes all those emails subscriptions pile up, but in our book, cheap pizza is worth it. Tons of pizza places send out deals regularly, including California Pizza Kitchen, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut… you get the picture. Sign up for the places you tend to go to frequently. When you need a deal, it’ll be handy.

Order online

If you aren’t ordering your pizza online, you’re missing out. Places like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s use your online account to track the points you’ve earned towards free pizzas, desserts, and more. Plus, they'll save info like your address for delivery or your favorite pickup location.

Share the love

We know. Sharing. Always risky, but the more your order, the bigger your deals. For example, if you buy three medium two-topping pizzas at Papa John’s, they’re only $8 each ($24 total). A lot of times, larger orders also acquire more freebies (think garlic knots, zeppolis, or mozzarella sticks), so always ask for deals on “bulk” or group orders.

Even if you want to fly solo on your next pizza venture, you might want to consider ordering a little extra for the rest to freeze or have later (we’re pulling to have cold pizza incorporated onto fancy brunch menus).

Check out competitors

Pizza chains are always competing with each other for customers. We’ve made it a habit to always check out a few spots before ordering. Our current favorite: a Papa John’s coupon code for 25% off online orders. Bring on the garlic sauce.