Get To Know Someone Else's Customers Day

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

July 20 is National Get To Know Your Customers Day, a day for businesses to reach out to their customers to build a better rapport. We here at Groupon Coupons love this idea, but unfortunately we no longer have access to that great tool for customer communication, Twitter. We had our account (@couponsshewrote) banned because the powers that be decided that we were tweeting at Angela Lansbury too much and she was supposedly concerned for her safety. Shaking that off, we have decided that the best way to celebrate this day is to reach out to the customers who have tweeted some of our biggest merchant partners to see if we can help build community! Hi Granger! Gemma is extremely cute and I think exactly the image Adidas would like in their next campaign. Please just pass along to us what sort of basketball stats she's been putting up and perhaps another picture where it doesn't look like she is staring into a soul-shattering void filled with Lovecraftian horrors just off camera. Hey Monica! We feel Felix's pain–does he know that Petco is open 24 hours a day online? But watch out: on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog, so Felix could do some real damage to your credit card. Hello, sir! GoDaddy means the opposite of StopDaddy, and it is super important that you never mix the two up and put StopDaddy into an internet browser. You don't want to see the results. Also, what does "Elon Musk" mean? Also, did you know that your company The Boring Company has a name that can mean two things? You may want your marketing guys to look into that. Ooh, a mystery! Like in Cabot Cove! Don't worry Ab, we are going to crack The Case of the Missing Domino's Ben & Jerry's. We'll get back to you when we have a lead. Jill, we were just in this Barnes & Noble, fruitlessly searching for the latest novel from Jessica Fletcher, when we caught wind of you. That scent is lovely. Never apologize for smelling like anything from Sephora. Hey Alexander, the snake is back. He's back in front of the Bed, Bath & Beyond and let's just say he has a VERY different take on what happened on the afternoon of July 7. Could you just come down here so we can clear this whole thing up? Thank you! Well when it rains, it pours! Another mystery. Jenn, we're a little backed up with this Ben & Jerry's caper, but have you looked under the bed? That's usually where it is. If you still can't find it, Vera Bradley is currently having an amazing backpack sale. Mystery solved! Ab, Whitney here has at least a pint of the nondairy Ben & Jerry's. I honestly don't think she knew you were looking for it. If you want anything more than that, I have a lead that Target seems to be a good place to look. Get answers from Groupon Coupons for some of your pressing questions for Domino's, Adidas, Target, GoDaddy, and others And just like that, another Get to Know Your Customers Day is in the books! Keep the dialogue going, and please, if you see her, let Angela Lansbury know that we are so sorry.