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Gifts For Grads & Dads

BY: Christopher Mahar | Dec 11, 2018

Graduation celebrations and Father's Day are once again on the horizon, which means it's time to start thinking seriously about a gift-giving strategy. Previously we attempted to help you out by staging a brutal deathmatch that asked and answered the following question: if the best Father's Day gift and the best graduation gift was the same thing, and you could buy only one, would the winner be a dad or a grad? Last year's results were a bit of a rout, but the rivalry between the two combatants have only grown fiercer in the intervening months, and the answer is far from settled. Will the grads take to the stage for another victory dab, or can the dads dig deep and finally get those pesky kids off their lawn? We're about to find out, because it's time for: Father's Day and graduation gift ideas from Groupon Coupons As always, the victor will be declared after five rounds.

Round 1: A Card From American Greetings

For Dads: Showing The Way Printable | Price: Free with 7-day trial subscription Father's Day free card from American Greetings Dads start strong with this classic bit of dad humor that lays down the law while also being hard to beat in terms of price. American Greetings printable cards can be edited and printed at home, which means they look slick and professional while being uber convenient. For Grads: Smart Grad Printable | Price: Free with 7-day trial subscription Graduation printable card from American Greetings, found on Groupon Coupons Printed inside the card: "Yep, there's nothing like throwing hundreds of flat, sharp-cornered objects directly over your own heads to celebrate how smart you are. Happy Graduation!" This is a nice counter-jab that deploys the deadliest weapon of youths everywhere: withering sarcasm.

Round 2: Personalized Drinking Vessel From Things Remembered

For Dads: Dad Established Pint Glass | Price: $16 (Take 15% off with promo code A242) Fathers Day Personalized Pint Glass found on Groupon Coupons What can be better than a glass for dad's favorite beverage, engraved with his proudest accomplishments? For Grads: Journey Begins Graduation Ceramic Mug | Price: $18 (Take 15% off with promo code A242) Personalized Mug From Things Remembered, found on The Coupon Code Well how about a mug for a grad's favorite beverage, engraved with their proudest accomplishment?

Round 3: A Wardrobe Reboot From Stitch Fix

For Dads: Gift Card To Help Find A Stylish Way To Wear A Hawaiian Shirt | Price: $20+ Fathers Day Stitch Fix gift, found on Groupon Coupons Stitch Fix is perfect for the man who has always had a style while never quite being stylish. Dad just fills out a profile that gives his size, price preference, and level of Jimmy Buffet familiarity, and a personal stylist takes it from there. He'll receive five hand-selected pieces of clothing he can then pay for and keep (that's where the gift card comes in), or send back at no charge (shipping both ways is free, and packaging is supplied). For Grads: Gift Card To Level Up The Wardrobe | Price: $20+ Grads want a new wardrobe, find it on Groupon Coupons Welcome your grad to the world of business casual style while teaching them that it isn't a contradiction in terms. First rule of the office: no pajama pants (unless you're working at 600 W).

Round 4: The Convenience Of Amazon From...Amazon

For Dads: Echo Dot | Price: $49.99 (Buy 2 and get $20 off your order) Father's Day gifts and deals from Amazon, found on Groupon Coupons This hands-free, voice-controlled device gives dad the power of Alexa to do things like play music, send and receive messages, control smart home devices, and a ton more. This is the assistant he has always been looking for. For Grads: Amazon Prime | Price: $119/year (Get it for $59/year for students + 6-months free!) Graduation gift idea from Groupon Coupons: Amazon Prime! We've already gone on for some length in previous posts about why an Amazon Prime subscription is such a great idea, but here's a new reason–members get a big discount at Whole Foods! The discount is starting in Florida and will move to the rest of the country this year, with Prime Members eligible for 10% off sale items and additional big weekly discounts on a selection of regularly-priced items. If you've been worried about how your grad will feed themselves in the real world, this is the gift for them.

Round 5: A Watch From Macy's

For Dads: Michael Kors Slim Runway Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Watch | Price: $195 Michael Kors Watch from Macys for Fathers Day, found on Groupon Coupons Some things are classics for a reason. A watch for Father's Day is the sort of traditional gift that avoids cliche (notice there are no ties on this list) by being truly useful and something that dads rarely think to buy for themselves. This understated choice from Michael Kors is striking and avoids the tired idea that masculine style equals chunky and clunky. For Grads: Apple Watch Series 1 | Price: $249 Apple Watch graduation present idea from Macy's, found on Groupon Coupons Ooh, but it's hard to beat the Apple Watch! It also has a low key style but packs in a ton of functionality, like bluetooth connectivity and a bunch of health-monitoring features. Another truism that avoids cliche is that grads love tech.

Final Judgement

As is tradition, the winner shall be announced in gif form. This year is Game of Thrones-themed, with Grads represented by Jon Snow, and Dads represented by a White Walker (the reasons for both of these choices should be obvious). And the winner is... Ouch. Well, better luck next year, dads!
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