GoBankingRates.com: Making Rate Shopping Easy

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018


Personal finance gets a little complicated, especially when it comes to shopping around and comparing rates. Banks pay different rates for savings accounts and CDs.  A single bank doesn’t necessarily have the best rates on both.  Credit cards and mortgages aren’t always the local transactions they once were.  Making sure you’re getting the best deal can take a lot of legwork.  GoBankingRates.com makes rate shopping more managable.

There are two parts to GoBankingRates: the collection of rate comparisons and their articles that take finance to a personal level.

The rates are broken down into seven categories and each section is topped with a comparison chart to make things easy to digest.  The Savings Account, CD Rates, Checking Accounts and Banking categories all let you enter your zip code to automatically compare local rates, not just national ones.  Car loans, Mortgage Rates and Credit Cards are more national in nature and list the top rates.

All of those categories are also accompanied by articles supporting and comparing rate topics, including some regional deals, like why Portland is the best city for saving money and what New Yorkers will owe in taxes this year.

The final category on the site, also the first one listed on the menu, is Personal Finance.  While this topic has serious discussions like tax preparation and retirement planning, the Personal Finance section also takes detours into politics and more light hearted matters.  The nuts and bolts of finance are centerpiece of the site, but not everything involving money is a dry topic.  Some of would fit right in with your normal, daily reading.

Recent articles here include:

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By mixing in human interest, politics and lighter fare with the more instructional topics and tasks associated with keeping your finances up to date, GoBankingRates is informational and entertaining, giving you expert answers for all your questions.