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Graduation Gifts That Don't Suck

BY: Carolyn Alterio | Dec 11, 2018

graduation gifts We're in the thick of graduation season, and no one wants to arrive empty-handed to celebrations. But what are ideal graduation gifts? We've rounded up a few items that graduates will actually use, making you look like the smartypants.

Wheels For Errands

If the graduate is moving to the city without a car, they'll definitely want a Zipcar membership. It comes in handy for everything from hauling home groceries to taking weekend trips. (Bonus: here's a coupon code for a free $25 driving credit.)

All Things Food

Want to make sure graduates are making healthy choices? Consider a Hello Fresh membership. It sends weekly deliveries of farm fresh ingredients and healthy recipes directly to their door. (Psst! Use this coupon for three free meals!) You can also help build graduates' culinary repertoire with a Sur La Table cooking class.

eGift Cards

If you're shopping at the last minute, go for an eGift card. They're hard to lose (unlike checks or physical gift cards) and easy to spend. Our top picks: Amazon for just about everything, Best Buy for video games and electronics, and Fandango for getting in all those summer blockbusters. Those are just a few ideas for graduation gifts. You can visit our Graduation page for some more inspiration.