We Tried The Zombie Frappuccino

BY: Joseph R |Dec 11, 2018

It's Halloween season, and that means only one thing—monetary capitalization on tried-and-true seasonal aesthetic tropes! Oh, and zombies! That's right—ZOMBIES!!!! OOOOOoooooooOOOoOOOOOOhhhh!!! IMG_1767 We here on the Groupon Coupons team are coffee zombies to begin with, so when we heard Starbucks introduced a Zombie Frappuccino today, we figured "Hey, we should try that!" After all, what's the harm in eating something zombie-themed! It's not like food could contain pathogens that start off a zombie-apocalypse-style outbreak, right? (...right?) If you're still on the fence about digging on some liquid brains, check out our team members' reactions! "It had a pleasant mix of apple, maple, and blueberry flavors. And rather than being syrupy and cloying, it was almost light and refreshing. Unfortunately, it was still too sweet for me, and I prefer coffee. But I don't regret trying it." -Gayle "Sweet, unstructured, fruit-forward body, with a subtle roasted character on the backend. Would pair well with the nuttiness of fresh Mr. Goodbars. 7/10." -Scott "It's sort of like Boo-Berry-flavored milk, which reminds me of childhood. Surprisingly not bad, but I was really hoping for more ick factor... like floating teeth!" -Carolyn "There's a butterscotch aftertaste that I, personally, don't appreciate." -Lolo "I dumped two spoonfuls in my coffee...it still kinda tastes like coffee...But when I breathe I smell apples and berries......and coffee." -Lauren "I'm not eating that." -Kevin "It tastes like something I would've experimented with as a kid and enthusiastically made my parents try, and they would've shrugged and made the "meh, keep working on it!" face. I don't like it." -Annie P. "It tastes like a caramel apple sucker, and the whip cream is like blueberry! I am kind of disappointed it doesn't taste like brains........speaking of which, anyone have a hankering for brains? I also feel kind of itchy, all of a sudden. Hm. Yeah, I just.....mm.....have this cr aving..........for........braains s ... .  vu7 s[ks.." -Joe For all your Halloween, zombie, and coupon-related needs, be sure to keep your rotting eyes on Groupon Coupons!