Groupon Surprise Summer Programming

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

Something is brewing in the Groupon Coupons studios. The word is that something is about to go down in the record books. Something...epic. Anne, what exactly is going on here? Pew pew indeed. Ok, let's try to find some clues from blurry still pictures found on our image server. Contextless clue for Groupon Coupons video project Here we go! Something is lurking in front of that green screen. Too zoomed in to make it out here. Can we pull back a bit? Is that an eye? Is eye? It looks like an eye, but not the eye of a human. Are you getting goosebumps too? I'm almost too nervous to ask, but can we pull back more? Shark! It's a shark! Shark! It's the cold, dead eyes of a shark! We probably should have guessed since it's well-established that Groupon Coupon's Shark Week is always scheduled exactly one week after Discovery's warm up act. What can the fearless coupons crew have in store for us this year? My heart is pounding out of my chest and the sweat springs to my forehead as I issue the order: zoom out! Zoom out and enhance! It's a shark! Shark in the Groupon Coupon's studio! CUT! Pulled the shot back too much. Shark is drinking a beer and checking email. Reset please and let's try this again later. Stay tuned this week for a video that's sure to make waves in the coupon world as Groupon Coupons hosts a bone-chilling competition, the likes of which has never been attempted before!