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Guest Post: Five Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Extended Family

BY: Sammi G | Dec 11, 2018

We are pleased to bring you a post from a fantastic guest blogger: Kara Teel of "Kara's Deals & Steals". We hope you enjoy her post!

Karas Deals and Steals

Five Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Extended Family

My daughters don’t hesitate to give me a lengthy Christmas list, as well as one for Santa. It’s also pretty simple to determine what my mom, dad, sister and husband want because I spend so much time with them and know their likes and dislikes. One of my biggest struggles during the holidays is deciding what to buy for extended family and in-laws. I don’t want to be the one who gets a present that someone mistakes for a gag gift or go down in family history as the worst gift giver EVER! I rely heavily on suggestions from other family members and online gift guides, but sometimes even both of those options can be overwhelming. Deals will pop up that catch my attention, and sometimes I can pull the perfect gift from the crowd of coupons I receive in my e-mail throughout November and December. All of the gift searching hassle typically ends up with a smile on everyone’s faces because of the efforts involved to find the most meaningful gift possible to put under the tree. Homemade cards, ornaments crafted in art class and a kiss for grandpa are always the sweetest gifts, but here are my five favorite extended family gifts for this holiday season: 1. Custom Photo Canvas – Go out to the backyard, put your camera on the tripod and snap a quick family Christmas photo. I captured some great holiday photos of my daughters downtown with a few “Happy Holidays” chalkboards from Walmart and a lovely quaint downtown background that will make a perfect gift for the in-laws and extended family this year. Photos in any form are always a gift full of meaning. My mom has old sepia colored photos of my great, great, great, great grandparents in the 1800s, pictures of her parents growing up, herself as a child and lovely photos of my sister and I from the 1980s as babies. I love that she has been able to add to that rich family history with photos of her grandchildren. We found a great deal on $5 canvases at Groupon! 2. Blu-ray Disc Player – One of my favorite things to do is get my kids and I into some comfortable pajamas, have my husband pop one of his famous bowls of homemade popcorn and put in the latest Disney movie to enjoy together as a family. My extended family shares this love for being together. It’s the simple things! However, many of them are still stuck in the dark ages with VHS players and all of that nonsense. A Blu-ray Disc Player is the perfect “tech” gift to purchase for your family during the holidays, and you can find a ton of great deals here on Groupon. 3. Harlem Globetrotters Tickets…or any other tickets to a family friendly event: Who doesn’t love a bunch of guys spinning basketballs on their fingertips and doing fancy footwork before using their “born with” foot springs to entertain a crowd? I remember seeing the Harlem Globetrotters as a kid and now I’d love to take my kids to one of their shows just to see the smiles and excitement on their faces!! This would make a perfect gift for grandma and grandpa to take their grand kids to one of these fun shows, and share those smiles and excitement with some quality time together. This goes for any family friendly shows, whether it be the Ringling Bros. circus or a local basketball game. 4. SpaWish Gift Card – I have longed to be pampered for a day. Luckily I have a husband who will pamper me on occasion but when you’re a busy working mom, you don’t get a lot of downtime for a relaxing spa day. Cousins, sisters, moms and grandmas in the same busy life situation will love a SpaWish gift card for Christmas to choose from one of over 7,000 eligible spas to get a facial or a much needed deep tissue massage. It almost makes me drool thinking about it {hint hint hubby}. 5. Personalized Jewelry – One of the most meaningful gifts you can give is one that you can wear around each day and be reminded of something wonderful in your life. A few years ago, we purchased a necklace for my mother in law with birthstones of each of her grandchildren. My mom actually made me cry last Christmas. I was pregnant with my third daughter and she gave me a beautiful necklace with all three of my daughters’ names hanging on a sterling silver chain. For dad and grandpa, you can get personalized shirts, mugs, wallets and more.  
Learn more about "Kara's Deals & Steals" and read more of her great blog posts here! Thanks for sharing with us, Kara!