Dogs Wanted: The Home Depot is a Dog-Friendly Place to Shop

Leashed Very Good Boys and Girls are Welcome at Most Store Locations 

By: Carolyn Fitchard

Man and his dog sitting on a deck

If you’re wondering if The Home Depot is dog friendly, the answer is it depends on the store. While many locations welcome canine shoppers with open arms (even creating an Instagram for them), others have stricter policies, so it’s best to call ahead and check. But if you can bring your dog, you’ll get to enjoy some quality time together while crossing items off your collective to-do lists (your dog’s got a sniff quota to meet). 

Read on for Groupon Coupons’ tips on getting the most out of your human-dog shopping adventure at The Home Depot. 

Leashed dog walking down the street

First, Some Safety Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure all shoppers (canine and human alike) remain safe and happy:

  • Not all locations welcome dogs, so be sure to check with your store in advance.
  • Always have dogs on leash and by your side, not sniffing other shoppers.
  • If your dog is nervous, reactive, highly vocal, or overly energetic in public, it’s best to leave them at home. Neither of you will enjoy a stressful shopping experience.
  • Clean up after your dog should they make a mess.

Leashed dog walking in parking lot

Why Bring Your Dog to The Home Depot?

Wider Aisles = More Space to Roam

The Home Depot has extra wide aisles, which makes it easier to navigate around the store with your pup. Be aware that not all people love dogs, so unless they tell you otherwise, it’s best to keep your pup close to your side and away from others at all times.

Snacks for You, Snacks for Them

Depending on the store location, there may be an attached hot dog stand where you can sample the #1 ranked Least Fancy Hot Dog, according to the folks at Food & Wine. As for pups, store associates often have treats at the ready to spoil them with (especially at the checkout counter). You can also bring your own to ensure you always have your dog’s attention. 

You Can Shop Dog Products for Your Home

The Home Depot has options galore for improving your dog’s home setup. You can keep dogs secure in yards with fencing and outdoor kennels, give them in-and-out privileges with doggie doors and screens, and ensure they have a cozy place to snooze with dog beds and dog houses. But before you head out to shop, time your visit wisely with our Home Depot Seasonal Sales calendar and collection of Home Depot promo codes.

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