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How NOT To Spend Your Tax Refund (And Things You Can Do Instead)

BY: Gayle Martin | Dec 11, 2018

How NOT To Spend Your Tax Refund

We know you’re not crazy enough to think of these things, but we sure are.

1. Invest in origami by folding all of your money into origami.

PRO: Your friends are sure to like this on Facebook. CON: This is not a good investment. This is not something you can tell your parents when you go home for Thanksgiving. This is also the fancy equivalent to storing your money in your mattress. I mean, maybe try it once, just to see if you can do it? But otherwise, if you just want to waste your tax return, there are better ways.

2. Make it actually rain.

PRO: Everyone will love you. CON: Who are you again? Are you not seeing all this free money?

3. Send a Kiss-O-Gram to the IRS.

PRO: Karma will pay you back way more than the IRS ever would in good fortune because of your bold attempt at loving your enemies. CON: Life is full of enough mysteries, and you’ll have to live the rest of your life wondering who exactly got that kiss.

4. Buy a dragon to guard the gold coins you bought with your tax refund last year.

PRO: This is similar to folding your money into origami, but way more awesome. CON: You believe in dragons. And that $2,000 dragon you bought is just an iguana. And also, you invested in gold coins.

5. Exchange it for pennies and throw it into wells while wishing for more money.

PRO: If you added a love story, this would probably make a pretty good Nicholas Sparks novel. CON: If you added a love story, this would probably make a pretty good Nicholas Sparks novel.

Things You Can Do Instead

Odds are, you don’t need any convincing to be smart with your money. But most people have a hard time rewarding themselves for a year’s worth of hard work. Here are some ideas that can help you rejuvenate.

1. Treat yourself to a spa day.

PRO: Giving yourself a chance to relax and unwind will help you tackle any future challenges that life throws at you. CON: Yeah, spa days can get a little pricey. If you’re not ready to splurge on one, then spend a day shopping at Sephora before cozying up to a string of Friday night flings with your new beauty treatments and a bottle of wine. You’ve earned it.

2. Get away for a weekend. The laundry can wait.

PRO: Who wouldn’t want to plan a weekend getaway with a friend or loved one? Or even alone—sometimes this is the best way to really experience a new place or get some R and R. CON: Much like taking a spa day, a weekend getaway can be tough to justify. But since you’ll be using your tax return, you won’t have to dip into your savings. Plus, you can save by booking your trip with a vacation package from Apple Vacations.

3. Subject nature to your Spotify playlists with your brand-new portable speaker.

PRO: There’s nothing like getting away from civilization to appreciate nature that has been untouched by humankind. CON: Nature can often go from boring to kind of scary in a few minutes flat. But you can try to tame it with Justin Bieber’s dulcet tones via a new portable speaker. And even if that doesn’t work, at least you’ll have your tunes to keep you company.

4. Give your work wardrobe an overhaul.

PRO: Looking polished and professional at work is like framing a painting. The quality of the painting (i.e., your hard work) stands on it’s own, but people are more likely to appreciate it when it’s been treated with care. Your career is worth the investment. CON: You work hard for your money, so it’s kind of a bummer to spend your tax return on expensive business attire rather than something fun. And it gets even worse when all you can find are unflattering blazers and pants. Solve both dilemmas with these handy coupons from New York & Company.

5. Redecorate your home — and then sell it, if you want.

PRO: Investing in your home means turning it into an oasis full of soothing water fixtures and comfortable furniture—or whatever else makes you happy. Or polish up the basics and sell it while the market is ripe. Either way, you can’t lose. CON: If you do this to make your home more appealing to buyers, there’s a good chance you won’t want to leave.

6. Throw an outdoor party.

PRO: Spring has sprung, which makes now a great time to plan an outdoor party. Stock up on cute plates, posh glassware, goodies, and more with these deals from World Market. Or if you want to get really fancy, up your grilling game with gear from Sur La Table. CON: April showers might put a damper on your party plans. If we had a coupon for a weather control machine, we’d gladly share it.

For more ideas on how to spend your tax return this spring, check out these blooming good deals from Groupon Coupons. And if you still need to do your taxes, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.