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How To Deal With A Bad College Roommate

BY: Carolyn Alterio | Dec 11, 2018

The first week of college can be pretty overwhelming. From familiarizing yourself with the campus layout to mastering the fine art of laundry-room etiquette, there's no shortage of things to learn. Your college roommate can be a useful ally in helping you adjust during this tumultuous period. That is, unless they're the enemy... Not every roommate assignment is going to be a match made in heaven, but there are ways of dealing with disputes without ruining your first year of college. Here are a few ways to sidestep some common points of friction. college roommates playing video games

Those chips aren't going to clean themselves up.

When they snore (or stay up late).

Sleep is essential for keeping up your grades and energy. Should your roommate disrupt your REM cycle with operatic snoring or late-night phone chats, zone them out with a good pair of ear plugs. Alternatively, you can drift off into dreamland with on-ear headphones playing your favorite tunes.

When they sleep late.

You have an 8 a.m. art history class, while your roommate sleeps until noon. Minimize the disruptions by waking up with a vibrating alarm clock. And when it comes to getting ready, a light-up vanity mirror gives you enough light to apply makeup and style your hair before heading to class.

When they steal your food.

A mini fridge is a breeding ground for passive aggressiveness. I mean, who exactly ate your last yogurt if not your roommate? While writing 'Do not eat!' on all your snacks might deter theft, it sets a rather defensive tone. Instead, create a clear (but friendly!) barrier with food containers. These bins help keep items organized while preventing them from sliding into communal territory. Non-refrigerated items (like chips and granola) can be tossed into a flat bin for under-bed storage. Out of sight, out of roommate's tummy.

When they're a slob.

This one's a toughie. You can establish a boundary line to keep the mess away from you, but it won't hide the eyesore (or lingering smells). A folding screen can solve the issue by blocking out the messy piles of clothes and notebooks. Or, you can toss the offending items into sorted laundry bins and claim the Cleaning Fairy did it. As for the smell, a Glade Plug-In works wonders.