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How to Get Perfect Hair in Time for the Summer

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018

We hate how the winter always makes our hair feel absolutely dead. The dry air, harsh cold, and dozens of winter hats do not do us any favors. But now it’s finally March and you know what that means . . . Time to start prepping for the summer! We know it feels like a lifetime away, but it’ll come at us all too fast. Trust us!

These hair care products will totally reinvigorate those luscious locks, and it’ll feel good doing it! Don’t miss out on these great deals.

Step One

Time to upgrade those irons!The right flat irons and curling irons make all the difference in getting the style you want, and sometimes those cheapy-cheap tools just don’t do the trick. We swear by Chi products, like this Mojito colored “Spring is in the Hair” flat iron (as if it could be more perfect!), which you can check out now with 10% off! with a Loxa Beauty store coupon. Curler1

Step Two

Change up your hair care products. When you make the switch over to Aveeno’s Nourish + Strengthen line, it will be like your hair is personally trying to thank you. Say goodbye to breakage and split ends. Seriously!! Good riddance! The natural ingredients are like a magic potion of hair health. Check out Aveeno’s whole line of all-natural products. aveeno

Step Three

Glaze it! If only getting that salon shine was just as easy at home . . . Oh wait! It is now. John Frieda totally kills drabness with this hair glaze that makes your hair look shiny and fresh. Luminous, if you will. Fresh out of the salon. You put it on in the shower after your shampoo and conditioner routine and you hair looks healthy and glossy for the rest of the day. It’s that easy! And when you join the Elite Club, you get access to exclusive sales and deals. Seriously can’t resist the shine! Love us some John Frieda.


Step Four

Protect yourself from damage! Do you straighten your hair all the time? It’s nice to give your hair a little bit of a break from those irons, but sometimes that social calendar just demands you to be fab. And for that, thank goodness there’s L’oreal Ultimate Straight. This perfecting balm has totally saved the day more than a few times. It protects your hair to up to 450 degrees and seals in that keratin. Even better? You can try it for free! L’oreal is offering free samples, so snatch ‘em up while you can. loreal

Step Five

Detox! Sometimes we put our hair through the ringer to look drop dead sexy. Worth it! But to restore your locks to its natural glory, check out this Beyond the Zone deep nourishing overnight repair at Sally Beauty. Voila! While you sleep, your hair detoxifies, nourishes, and moisturizes. Rinse & Repeat! And now get $5 off your next order of $25+. detox Sometimes your hair can feel like it’s your best accessory, so we’ve gotta maintain that relationship with our roots. Give a little TLC to your hair and it will repay you! Fight off that winter breakage and get ready for beautiful, beachy, sun-kissed tresses.