How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Bouquet

BY: Carolyn Alterio |Feb 7, 2023

Valentine's Day flowers

Flowers may seem a safe bet for Valentine's Day, but beware: what may look like just a pretty bouquet to you could be speaking volumes to others—and not in a good way. From the varietal to the color, there's a language to flowers, so you want to be sure you're sending a message like I love you and not Wishing you everlasting pestilence. To that end, Groupon Coupons has put together bouquet options that will accurately express your feelings this Valentine's Day.



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Secret Admirer

Trust us, there's nothing creepier than a delivery of red roses with the cryptic note "I'm inside the house". A better way to reveal your secret crush (whether or not you sign your name) is with gardenias, a flower that sends the messages of secret love and you're lovely

New Romance 

If you're still the beginning stages of a relationship, you don't want to scare your partner off by going overboard on the love talk. Keep it light with lavender roses, a symbol of enchantment, or lavender heather, which expresses admiration


Everlasting Love

You now have permission to go all-out with your feelings here. Red rose, which symbolizes love and respect, is a classic choice, but you can also shake things up with orange blossom, which symbolizes marriage and eternal love.


Familial Love

When sending a bouquet to a family member (be it a sister, mother, or overly picky in-law), steer clear of yellow carnations, which symbolize disappointment despite their cheery color. Instead, opt for something a little more flattering, like Peruvian lilies, which stands for friendship and devotion.



The traditional flower of friendship is the yellow rose, which never goes out of style. But if you're looking for something a little more unique and thoughtful, try the chrysanthemum, which stands for cheerfulness and you're a wonderful friend



If you're trying to get an old flame back this Valentine's Day, sending the message of I'm sorry is always a good start—even if you're not sure what you're sorry for. The flower that conveys this the best is purple hyacinth. But if you get a bouquet of withered flowers in return, you're out of luck; it symbolizes rejection