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How to Save Big on Printers & Ink

BY: Cuckoo4Coupons | Dec 11, 2018


Getting a Printer

You do not have to spend a lot of money on a printer.  Printers go on sale a lot and you can pick up a basic one for $20 – $50.  Check out Coupon Blogs because they let you know when there are great deals on printers!  You can also wait for the holidays like Black Friday when you can pick up printers for almost 75% off.  You can print coupons in color OR black and white.  If you just want a basic black and white printer then go for it!  As long as your bar code scans then stores will take the coupons.

Printer Settings

If you already have a color printer, consider printing your coupons in black and white - and in "draft" mode (check your settings) to save your color ink for other projects.  If you are printing coupons sometimes they have big ads on the page.  If you know an ad is printing then cancel the printing project after the coupon is printed – then it won’t use your ink printing the rest of the page.

Getting Ink

Once you have a printer you want the best deals on ink.  You can buy compatible ink (not name brand) from sites such as and with deep discounts. Another way to pick up ink at a fraction of the cost is to participate in special offers from Staples or Office Depot.  Near the holidays they will offer 100% back on products.  For instance, Staples had a deal last year to buy a 24 pack of Duracell Batteries for $18.99 and you get 100% back in Staples Rewards.  Rewards are like cash you spend in their store. I did this deal several times and racked up $100 in Rewards.  Once the rewards became payable I bought all my ink for FREE!  Don’t do deals like these unless you need the products – I always need batteries in my home.

Double Your Savings

Even better watch sites like Ebates for their daily double cash back.  You can usually get deals on ink with 30% cash back plus sale prices so you pay about 70% less on your ink purchases!  The coupon blogs will also let you know the best deals on ink.  Here’s an example of a deal I did when I saved 70% off my ink (deal is no longer valid, but keep an eye on my coupon deals page as I post this deal every time it comes around.) NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!! For more money saving tips, visit Cuckoo for Coupon Deals - we feature the best coupons, deals & savings daily.