How to Save Money on Healthy, Organic and All-Natural Foods!

BY: Freebies2Deals |Dec 11, 2018

How to save money on healthy foods
I have readers emailing me all of the time at asking if it is even possible to save money on the healthy foods.  And guess what? It is!!  Healthy, fresh foods cost more.  But you can still save money on them each and every time you head to the grocery store.
To get you started, here are some tips to Save Money on Healthy, Organic and All Natural Foods:
1.     Shop in Season:  Shopping in-season is the easiest way to save money.  If you purchase fruits and vegetables without paying attention, you will end up paying 3-4 times more for any produce item that isn’t in-season!  This is the easiest way to save money while shopping.  For example. Summer is the time to purchase foods that seem refreshing or light when it is hot outside.  Strawberries, Corn, Summer Squash, Zucchini, Cantaloupe, Blueberries and Watermelons are all examples of fruits and vegetables that are in-season right now.  That also means that you can find them on sale each week at the grocery store. Cha-Ching!
2.     Use Store Coupons:  A lot of people don’t realize that health food stores like Whole Foods, and Earth Fare actually have coupons you can use to save on those natural and organic items. You can sign up to get these coupons on their website. They will send you emails with the best deals and offers each week. It’s a great way to know when the really expensive stuff, like Salmon or Organic Chicken goes on sale. 
3.     Only Shop the Front Page of Weekly Ad:  Another easy way to save money (to go along with #1) is to shop the front page of the store’s weekly ad.  Even at Whole Foods, the front page ad has a big chunk of the best deals featured. Items that are listed on the front page are what they call a “Loss Leader”.  It basically means that the store is losing money to sell you the items at those prices.   Not all of the items will always be a Loss Leader.  However, a lot of them will be. As a warning, grocery stores will mark up other items in the store hoping that you will purchase them while you are there.  So be smart about your purchases and try to stay away from impulse buys.---unless that impulse buy is the deal of the Century!
4.     Save Money with Coupons on Household Items:  If you find it is really hard to find discounts or deals on the foods your family likes to eat, then your best bet is to use coupons religiously on things other than food.  Make sure to use coupons on toiletries, cleaning products, hair care products, toothpaste… I think you get the drift.  If you can commit to doing that, you will make a big enough dent in your budget to afford the healthier food items.
5.     Shop Online Retailers:  It is amazing to me how online retailers can almost always save you the most money! Vitacost is one of those companies.  They feature sales and special coupon codes on a regular basis. Plus, if you sign up through this link, you will get a FREE $10 to spend at Vitacost on whatever you want. Also, don’t forget to check Amazon. You might not think of them as a Grocery store.  But their selection is pretty extensive. I’ve found a lot of cheaper grocery deals through them than my local grocery store.
6.     Email Companies Directly for Coupons:  Did you know that you can email any company and request coupons? All you have to do them is give them your honest opinion—whether it is good or bad. You can even state that you love their products (if you do) and were wondering if they had any coupons they could possibly send you.  You will be really surprised what you will get in return.  Sometimes you might get a high value coupon.  Or you might get FREE product coupons just for giving them your opinion. That’s happened to me before and it rocked! If you have a hard time finding coupons for some of those expensive food items, getting a high-value coupon or even a free product coupon will definitely help you save!
  I hope that helps you all get on track to start your healthy eating money-saving habit!  For more tips on saving money, visit  It’s updated multiple times a day featuring the best freebies and deals available in-store and online!  XOXO--Melea