Fun Ways to Get Kids Cooking on School Breaks

If miniature shopping carts and toy kitchens have taught us anything, it’s that kids get really excited about some pretty mundane things, like grocery shopping and cooking. But instead of having them serve up yet another imaginary feast, why not build on their interest with real-life culinary skills? Meal prep is a great way to keep kids engaged during spring and summer vacations—plus it gives you one more helping hand in the kitchen. To that end, the Groupon Coupons team put together some easy ways to get kids fired up about cooking.

Kids Cooking Sets

MasterChef Junior Cooking Set

MasterChef Junior Cooking Set

Put kids in the hot seat with a MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set, which is modeled after the popular TV show.

$39.99 | SHOP NOW


Kids Meal Kits

Kidstir Kids Meal Kit


These subscription boxes come with recipes, cooking tools, and games to make cooking fun for you and your little one. Use promo code PIE for 20% off.

$19.99+ | SHOP NOW



Kids Cooking Classes

Sur La Table Kids Cooking Classes

Sur La Table

Kids and teens can whip up a good time during hands-on classes, which cover everything from shortbread cookies to handmade pasta and carne asada tacos. Life-skills worth having!



Le Petit Chef Cooking Set

Le Petit Chef Set

Sharpen knife skills with this kid-friendly set, which is specially designed to keep little fingers safe when slicing and dicing.

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One Potato Kids Meal Kit

One Potato

Recipe cards offer plenty of ways to get kids involved in making healthy meals for the entire family. Use promo code FIRST20 for $20 off.

$77.70+ | SHOP NOW




Williams Sonoma

williams Sonoma

Cookies in the shape of sorting hats, snitches, and scars? Sign us up, please! Your kids will bake and decorate some truly magical sweets during junior chef classes at Williams Sonoma. 



CiaoKids Baking Set

CiaoKids Baking Set

CiaoKids Baking Set has everything kids need to start whipping up tasty desserts—all while looking the part with the adorable hat.

$34.99 | SHOP NOW



Raddish Kids Meal Kit


Kids learn culinary skills and collect apron patches as they whip up seasonal dishes that span the globe. Use promo code CHEF20 for $20 off 12-month membership.

$20+| SHOP NOW




Jo-Ann Cooking Class


Kids take frosting to the next level with foodcrafting classes at Jo-Ann. They’ll play with transfer patterns and fondant cutouts to make an array of desserts almost too pretty to eat. Almost.