Kindle 8: Getting Back To The Basics

Nov 20, 2018

Kindle has grown up before our eyes and is now on the 8th generation. The latest iterations is far more impressive than previous models, but it's important to know which Kindle is right for you. While price on the Kindle 8 is the biggest plus when compared to other models, the newest version of the basic Kindle comes with a few handy improvements.

Kindle 8: What's New?

The newest Kindle is touchscreen instead of operating off a D-pad to turn pages. This handy upgrade gives users a more intuitive user experience. Instead of pressing a button on the side screen, all you have to do now is swipe to get to the next page. Amazon also amped up the storage space on the newest Kindle—it's 4GB now instead of 2GB—and it has the option to listen to audiobooks via Audible using a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. All of these upgrades are cool, but don't totally explain why the Kindle 8 might be right for you.

How Does It Stack Up?

While other Kindle versions have beefed up stats, the Kindle Basic is designed to keep things simple for users. The screen measures 6in. (same as the upgraded Paperwhite) and the resolution is a serviceable 167ppi (less than any other model). But there is no built-in lighting like with other models. However, at night or in low lighting, the background will change to black and the text to white to help limit eye strain and sensitivity. The affordability and improved user experience makes this Kindle ideal for gifting to young kids, college students, or anyone who likes their technology to be intuitive. And at only 5.6oz., the Kindle Basic is also the lightest and easiest Kindle to travel with.

The Verdict

As with all versions in the Kindle line, the basic version can connect to Wi-Fi to download books, has a battery that will last weeks, and has free books or the ability to lend books. Unlike the rest of the family the Kindle Basic now comes in black or white and even has rounded edges making it easier to hold. Compared to its kin, the Kindle Basic offers an affordable price for an easy-to-use experience.


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