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How Kindle Unlimited Works and Why It’s Worth It

BY: Christopher Mahar | Sep 2, 2020

Way back in the misty early days of the internet (call it 1994), opened up its virtual doors as a simple online bookstore. While the mega-retailer has since branched out to selling seemingly every product under the sun, its rise has especially impacted the publishing world, where Amazon's every innovation causes huge ripples. Enter Kindle Unlimited.

While there are other e-reader subscription services out there, Kindle Unlimited's wide selection, unique features, and connection to the wildly popular Kindle devices makes it a popular frontrunner. But is it right for you? Read on for our review of Kindle Unlimited to find out.

Kindle Unlimited: The Basics

Kindle Unlimited Cost:

$9.99 a month (get a free trial month here)

What's Included with Kindle Unlimited:

Subscribers get free access to over a million e-book titles and magazine issues, as well as more than 2,000 audiobooks.

Kindle Unlimited Compatible Devices:

Any Amazon device can be used to access Kindle Unlimited. Of course this includes all of the Kindle e-readers, but it also includes Echo devices, which can use Alexa to play audiobooks or utilize text-to-speech technology to read written works. In addition, the free Kindle reading app can be downloaded on any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.


While you can borrow and return items as often as you like and keep them for as long as you like, you can keep only 10 titles in your library at a time.

How Kindle Unlimited Works

Enable 1-Click Ordering

In order to use the Kindle Unlimited service, you must have an Amazon account with a current, valid credit card on file, and 1-Click Ordering enabled. To update your 1-Click settings:

  1. Go to "Payment options" under your account
  2. Select "1-Click settings" from the links on the left of the page
  3. Enable 1-Click and choose the default payment method to use

Browse the available titles

When you search through Amazon's selection of books, those titles that are available for Kindle Unlimited will have this label:

or you can simply sort your results to only show Kindle Unlimited choices by checking that option on the left side of your screen:

Download and read!

Once you've selected a title and clicked "Add to Library", that title will be available for download on any of the devices registered to your account. Enjoy!

Kindle Unlimited FAQ

Does Amazon Prime include Kindle Unlimited?

No, Kindle Unlimited is a separate service from Amazon Prime and is not included in membership. Amazon Prime does include Prime Reading however.

But do you need to be an Amazon Prime member to use Kindle Unlimited?

Nope! You can choose to subscribe to Amazon Prime, choose to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, choose to subscribe to both, or choose neither. What a time to be alive!

What's on Kindle Unlimited?

From best sellers like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Neil Gaiman's exploration of Norse mythology, to inspirational memoirs like Chip and Joanna Gaines' The Magnolia Story, to timeless classics like 1984, there really is something for everyone. And have you checked out Amazon's huge collection of exclusive digital titles that aren't available anywhere else? Kindle Unlimited has you covered.

How can I try Kindle Unlimited for free?

You can try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days with this offer.