How Can Help You Save on Flights Cheap Airline Tickets

When it comes to shopping for plane tickets, price is king and queen and the whole royal family. Industry data shows that fliers continually choose cheap airline tickets over any other convenience, including shorter flight times and easy booking. As committed bargain shoppers ourselves, the Groupon Coupons team whole-heartedly understands. But doesn’t want passengers to have to make sacrifices, so the booking site was built to deliver the absolute lowest prices on airfare with easy booking. 

Unlike its competitors, doesn’t group its results by airline, only giving passengers the option to book the cheapest flight on American, Delta, or another carrier. Because that is rarely the way to get the best flight deal. Instead searches more than 750 airline and ground transportation options and then pieces together itineraries to get the actual lowest travel price.

That means you could fly on different airlines to get to your destination and back, but the combined cost is usually less than booking on a single carrier. In some instances, can save hundreds of dollars per trip. How it Works in Action

Say you want to get from Chicago—the city that Groupon Coupons calls home—to Barcelona, Spain. Using three well-known booking sites, the lowest price we could find for a roundtrip ticket was $366. But using, the cheapest tickets were $317. That’s $49 in savings before your vacation even starts. Imagine the money could save a family of four! also has a flight-finding tool called Nomad, designed to help plan multi-leg vacations like a European tour.

How Saves Money

Part of’s magic formula for finding rock-bottom prices is searching ground transportation options in addition to flights. Sometimes that includes flying into a nearby city and then taking a bus or train to reach your destination. But makes it easy to opt out of these types of itineraries. Just unclick the bus and train boxes on the left.    

The Guarantee GuaranteeThe only real risk of using versus other travel sites is what happens in cases of flight delays or cancellations. If you’re flying on a single airline for a multi-leg journey, the airline will rebook you for free if you miss a flight. So covers every flight booked on its site with the Guarantee.

This travel insurance plan protects passengers in the event of flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes. Depending on the options available, offers passengers an alternative flight to their destination or a refund for the unusued portion of the ticket. As with any major purchase, be sure to read up on the details of the Guarantee. There are some clear rules and procedures to follow. Makes it Easy to Find the Best Price’s biggest strength is that it does all the hard work of researching flights for you. By comparing hundreds of airlines and other transportation options in just seconds, you can save time and money. Next time you need to book a flight, it’s worth using to see how much you can save. Flight Deals

Finding the best on air travel is tricky because there are so many factors: demand, time of day, time of year, destination, and more. But here are some of the best roundtrip flight deals is offering right now:

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