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When we need tips & suggestions on how to make sense of money while juggling our career, lifestyle, financial security and family needs, we love to refer to KrantCents for a wealth of advice! Need help navigating the site?  No problem, we have a quick reference guide of everything you’ll find on the site!


There’s a variety of approaches you can take to mold and reach your career goals.  KrantCents’ Career section covers different methods towards building your career including interview tips, leadership development, traits of entrepreneurs, changing careers, networking, soft skills, as well as other handy career development articles.


Everyone needs a little help reaching their goals from time to time. The Goals section gives you a helping hand with advice on setting & reaching goals, reducing your expenses, buying investment properties, secrets of success & excellence, retirement savings, and creating a personal action plan.  For those who are having some trouble achieving their New Year’s resolutions refer to this section for advice and get your New Year started off right!


Achieving financial security is important for reaching the road to financial freedom. Learn about investing in yourself, getting rich, taxes, rental property investments, homeownership, bad investor mistakes, and other investment suggestions. The Investments section has it all for guidance on how to grow your money!


We can all make some changes to our personal lifestyle that can help us build wealth. KrantCent’s Lifestyle section gives readers great suggestions on changes to make that can save you money, things you can live without, personal finance issues, and the differences between being rich versus acting rich. Peruse through the Lifestyle section for personal changes you can make to build up your savings.

Managing Money

We all want to get rich quick but to build wealth it’s essential to manage our money responsibly.  The Managing Money section has an abundance of helpful articles such as tax planning, budgeting your finances, mortgage refinancing, retirement savings, credit cards, insurance options, and holiday shopping tips.  KrantCent’s article for successfully shopping for the holidays gives ideas on how to save on gifts all throughout the year with coupons, sales, discounts and online shopping. Coupons are a great way to come up with an assortment of gift ideas from stores like Sears, Sports Authority, and Nordstrom. Start saving now!

Money and Children

Readers can also discover articles that will help their family & children to build their wealth under the Money and Children section. KrantCents provides useful articles for preparing your children for success, financial tips for young people, money management tips for children, financial skills for teens, raising financial smart children, and choosing the right career. Build a financially stable future for your family and children.