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Lab Grown Diamonds Vs. Natural: What's the Difference?

 Lab Grown diamonds vs natural

Blue Nile has launched a brand-new fine jewelry collection—just in time for the holiday season. We’re all trying to find the perfect gift for someone on our list, so if you’re in need of for a great gift idea for her, the exclusive new Blue Nile x Lightbox collaboration is a must-shop. The jewelry collection is made with lab-grown diamonds that truly mimic the sparkle and beauty of natural stones. At a fraction of the price. 

Every single piece of Blue Nile’s lab-grown diamond jewelry is seriously stunning. And you’d never be able to tell that the lab-grown diamonds are anything other than “real” because of Lightbox’s innovative technology.

What is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Just like a natural diamond, lab-grown diamonds are made from pure carbon that is transformed into a beautiful crystalline gemstone. To the naked eye, a lab-grown diamond and natural one are the same. Only experts can tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural one, and even then, they can only do it with the aid of high-powered machine.

Blue Nile lab-created diamonds collection

Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Natural: The Price

The true benefit of a lab-grown diamond versus a natural stone is the price. Because they can be created on demand, there is no rarity when it comes to manmade diamonds. That’s very different from natural diamonds, which take thousands of years to form deep inside the earth. That rarity makes natural diamonds very expensive and out of reach for all but the most special of occasions, like engagement rings.

In the Blue Nile x Lightbox collection, every lab-created diamond is guaranteed to have VS clarity and a cut grade of Very Good.

Blue Nile’s new Lightbox fine jewelry collection is designed more for the everyday with prices starting at $600. The rings, necklaces, and earrings set in 14k gold and are lovely in their simplicity, which really shows off the sparkle and shine of the lab-created diamonds. 

Blue diamond lab-createdpink diamond lab-createdlab-created blue diamond jewelry

Blue Diamonds and Pink Ones, Too

Diamonds are known for their crystal-clear nearly colorless appearance. But in nature, diamonds come in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, and yellow. These colors are more rare, which makes them even more expensive and even more highly prized. But creating a pink or blue diamond is simple. Every style in Blue Nile’s lab-grown collection is available in three hues: traditional white, blushing pink, or sky blue.

This article was sponsored by Blue Nile and independently researched by the Groupon Coupons teams.