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BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

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Abbi Gabasa

If you’re a career-driven women, trying to find the perfect balance between work, home, and fun, than Ms. Career Girl is for you. Written by a group of inspiring and motivational female professionals, the content is both interesting and well written.  Managing Editor and contributor, Abbi Gabasa, clearly has a passion for empowering women of all stages of life to have it all-a great career, a happy family life, and an active social agenda. Find posts that will keep you reading in the areas of careers, lifestyles, relationships, and specials.


In Careers, find useful articles addressing issues within the workplace, from tools that will help you to be successful, to advice on handling sticky situations in the office.  If you’re freshly out of school, and looking for advice and tips for finding a job that’s perfect for you, than you’ll enjoy reading the post How to Get an Entry Level Job.


Lifestyles offers helpful information, tips, and anecdotes on living everyday life to its fullest.  Read contributions about Leisure and travel, beauty, goals, and productivity. Quitting Cigarettes with Willpower and Vape offers firsthand advice on kicking your smoking habit, and will surely inspire to aim for a healthier you. If you’re wanting to flaunt your new found independence, and buy your first car, then check out Three Questions to Ask When Buying Your First Car for hints that will save you big money.


Whether you’re single, dating, or married, you’ll find posts in Relationships that are suited just for you.  Planning a wedding in the midst of a busy career? Wedding Planning Tools for the Modern Working Woman gives great suggestions for efficiently planning your dream wedding. If you’ve been focused on your career, and still haven’t found the perfect one, then visit  7 Online dating Tips for the Over 40’s Woman.


Stop by Specials for miscellaneous posts on topics like style, books, real career girls, and side jobs. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, read  Sweet + Chic Gift Idea! Headbands of Hope for a special gift that gives back.  We’ve all had issues with our boss, but the way we handle them can make or break our career.  Find helpful suggestions in What To Do When Your Boss Acts Like An A**hole.

With Ms. Career Girl, you’ll feel supported by women just like you, and inspired that you can do it all!