Liquid Web Offers Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web Managed Wordpress Hosting

The internet is a basic necessity for modern-day life. We rely on it for everything from news and entertainment to learning how to do something new.  But as easy as the internet is to use, it’s not that simple to get a personal or small-business website up and running. 

That’s why the Groupon Coupons team partnered up with Liquid Web, a web-hosting service that is consistently ranked one of the best in the business. Its top-notch customer service and wide range of features stand out among its competitors, and global brands clients like Porsche and National Geographic trust Liquid Web to power their online operations. Right now, Liquid Web is offering a Groupon Coupons–exclusive deal: 35% off any web-hosting service for four months.

If you’re looking to bring a new business or website online, or want to upgrade an existing site, here’s why we think you should check out a new Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting plan. 

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Why Would I Need WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Users choose it because it is intuitive and jam-packed with SEO features that can bring in pageviews. But it’s still not easy to go it alone.

There are two ways to use WordPress. One is by creating a free account at, the other is by downloading the WordPress software (also free) and hosting it on your own server. With a site hosted on, you do not have to pay for hosting, but your site will be limited in the themes and plugins it can use. Themes help you easily change the appearance of your site, and plugins add functionality that can transform your WordPress site into an online store, add custom forms, and much, much more.

A WordPress site hosted on your own server usually has fewer restrictions on themes and plugins, offering your website enhanced opportunities for creativity and functionality. 

What is Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting? How is it Different from Regular WordPress Hosting?

Installing WordPress can be a quick task for someone who’s familiar with server configuration, editing files, and creating database tables. But if any of those terms sent you to Google for a definition, managed WordPress hosting is likely to be a better option for running your website. 

Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting offers support in installing WordPress, configuring settings to maximize your website’s speed, updating WordPress itself as well as certain plugins—all in addition to actually providing the servers that host the site. For users who want or need support in maintaining the technical aspects of their website, managed hosting is the best WordPress option.

Best Features of Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting?

Compared to cheap WordPress hosting options, Liquid Web does not have overage fees or set limits on pageviews or traffic. An SSL certificate is also included for free, which can be a savings of up to $63.99/year. If you get stuck along the way, they also offer 24/7 support for any hosting issues. 

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