Making Cents of Financial Literature

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

(Guest post from Jesse F.) It’s a tough world out there.  The Lakers and the Knicks both stink; the dot-com bubble has officially burst; and our climate is changing.  On top of these disasters, we’re all increasingly responsible for our own financial futures.  Making sense of all of the different information out there, however, can be a bit daunting.  We’ve all been there: You’ve got two windows open.  In one, you’re on Google searching for information on debt consolidation or college loan forgiveness, trying to sort through the one million, four-hundred thousand sixty eight results, and in the other you’re on Wikipedia looking up all of the jargon and terms that your college degree in philosophy did not prepare you to understand.  For most of us, the experience is akin to sticking needles under your fingernails (read: unbearable).  Well, the vast majesty that is the Internet has come to the rescue, and some good people out there are providing resources for those of us that are less financially literate.  Here are a few of them:   1)    Finance News (  A jack-of-all-trades sort of site, the curator, Ted, will provide you with delectable crumbs of knowledge ranging from Entertainment commentary to Investing, Banking and business.   Trying to keep up with the financial times? Well, it’s better than keeping up with the Jonseses (uggh; the Joneses!).  And it’s practical stuff.  For instance, thinking about buying a house?  Ted’s got information for you!   2)    Get Finances (   This is a similar, multidimensional site.  Worried about credit card debt?  There’s information for you here!  Interested in learning about home loans?  You guessed it: they’ve got answers!  Interested in building personal wealth (and, really, who isn’t?)?  Get Finances might be the site for you.  On that note, here are some tips for building your personal fortune:   3)    Thanks For Finances (  This site is the Lamar Odom of informative websites; it does a little bit of everything.  If that reference feels like it’ dated by three or four years, well that’s because it is.  However, managing debt never expires.  Get some information on avoiding credit damage here:   4)    Plenty of Cash (  Like Raymour & Flanigan, the name says it all.  Plenty of Cash is a great utility player as a general business site with plenty to offer the casual or beginner financial investor or anyone interested in better managing their funds.  For instance, don’t feel sated by the debt settlement information from Thanks for Finances?  Fret not, because Plenty of Cash has answers for you.   May we all find the answers we are looking for, and in the meantime, hope that the Knicks and Lakers can shape up. Perhaps then this tipsy-topsy world will start to make some sense.