Meet Shane: One Guy, Two Great Sites

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

shaneMeet Shane, a young married guy just trying to live his life saving as much money as possible. A blogger at heart, Shane decided he wanted to create a blog (Thatedeguy) exploring ways to make money on the internet as well as general advice on money making and saving.

What Shane realized though in the beginning of his blogging process is that some of the methods that he and his wife were using to save money weren’t necessarily the right way to do things at all. Out sprung Beating Broke, which is a blog about his own personal experiences and reasons for saving money when at one point in time he almost had to file bankruptcy. He now talks about the mistakes he made on Beating Broke and what he did to fix those mistakes.

Shane continues to keep up with Thatedguy as well, but this time also including knowledge that he has gained and shared on Beating Broke. Both sites are great to find money saving tips and lessons learned by regular day people. That really is the best part about these two blogs is that are so relatable and honest, not to mention funny. Check out Shane’s blog and you’ll be saving in no time!