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BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

Megaleecher logo is a premiere site for any technology enthusiast.  Clearly written by an expert in the field, the posts deliver an outpouring of advanced information in the area of technology while not frightening newbies. Find posts on topics like file sharing, software, tips & tricks, and hacks & tweaks. Dive into these great sections!


The Gadgets section offers the most current and innovative technology devices on the market. Find cool devices with estimated availability dates, costs, and reviews.  These posts will make you want to read more.  If you're a Samsung fan, you'll thoroughly enjoy the post on the release of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy6 and S6 Edge. Learn about the specs and capabilities of these smartphones.  If you're constantly forgetting about charging your battery on your cell phone, you'll find the post on StoreDot chargers particularly interesting.  Find out how you can charge your smartphone in seconds. Finally, read about the Killer USB, that can make your computer literally explode!

Geeky Humor

Geeky Humor will give you a good laugh with its hilarious techie humor. Find cartoons, videos, and news articles that will be sure to lighten the mood of your day. Have you heard about Apple Hairgate? If not, read this post for a good laugh.  For a great prank story, watch the viral sensation about a guy who decides to call NSA about losing an e-mail, and then asking them for it's backup. You’ll be rolling out of your seat after you watch this one!


Megaleecher offers the latest in gaming trends, reviews on the best games to play, and news on the the up and coming digital games. Check out the post on Microsoft RoomAlive.  This advanced gaming system will allow gamers to turn their room into a life-size game with a projector.  Visit this post to read more about this exciting and innovative direction in gaming.  If you hate shopping for clothes in the store, you’ll enjoy reading about the Fitnect Interactive 3D. With this application you’ll have the ability to try clothes on via a virtual fitting room.  This is one to check out especially for online shoppers!

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